Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is a Foldable Phone

Christine Persaud

Published: 02/12/2020 12:45:08 PM EST in Mobile

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is a Foldable Phone

Samsung revealed its latest foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, at a launch event in San Francisco earlier this week.

The device is made using foldable glass and features a 6.7" display that folds into a compact form factor you can fit in the palm of your hand. It is designed with a Hideaway Hinge and custom-built UX and includes a flexible camera experience.

As the first device in the Z series, Galaxy Z Flip folds up into the size of a wallet so it can easily fit in a pocket or bag. When opened, it offers nearly double the screen size at 6.7" and boasts rounded corners and a forward fold.

It features Samsung's first foldable glass display, an Infinity Flex Display with Samsung's proprietary bendable Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). There's a centered in-display camera cutout at the top so there's no distracting notch and the 21.9:9 ratio allows you to enjoy cinema-ratio 21:9 shows and movies.

The Hideaway Hinge is backed by a dual CAM mechanism that helps ensure every flip and fold is smooth and stable, says Samsung. Galaxy Z Flip can stay open at a range of angles, like a laptop screen. The Hideaway Hinge system also integrates Samsung's new sweeper technology, which uses nylon fibers crafted by micro-height-cutting technology to repel dirt and dust.

When Galaxy Z Flip unfolds, it can stay open at multiple angles for taking unique selfies or conducting expressive video chats with Google Duo. Flex mode is a custom-built user experience for the forward folding form factor. When the device is free-standing, the display automatically splits into two 4" screens so you can easily view images, contents, or videos on the top half of the display and control them on the bottom half. So you could do things like watch YouTube videos on the top while searching for other videos or writing comments on the bottom.

The phone can literally stand on its own so that you can capture things like timed group shots or vivid nighttime content. You can create content for social media feeds from the best angle and enjoy video recording with a 16:9 ratio completely hands-free, without the need for a tripod. You can capture Night Hyperlapse videos or vivid low light shots with Night mode, without the need for flash. Open the device and place it on a table. When closed, quickly capture one-handed high-quality selfies using the rear camera without unfolding.

You can receive notifications whether the phone is closed or open. When closed, check the date, time, and battery status at a glance on the cover display. Get real time notifications so you can easily answer a call without unfolding or respond to a text by simply tapping the notification and unfolding the device.

Using the Multi-Active Window and the Multi-Window Tray, drag and drop the apps you want to use.

Additional features include up to four free months of YouTube Premium for Galaxy users, Samsung Health, Pay, and Knox, 4K video capture with the camera along with Live Focus and Super Steady recording, optimized dual battery system with wired or wireless quick charging, Wireless PowerShare for wirelessly charging your Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Watch, or another device, and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be available in limited quantities in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black, starting in select markets including Canada on February 21, 2020. It will sell for $1,820.

Eligible customers who buy a Galaxy Z Flip device at Samsung Experience Stores in Canada or online at or from a Canadian authorized carrier, or retailer on or before August 31, 2020 may obtain an eligible screen repair within one year of the date of purchase for $159 +tax. The regular cost of an eligible repair is $1,000 plus applicable tax.

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Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is a Foldable Phone

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