Samsung Announces 2018 TV Lineup

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Published: 03/07/2018 04:22:06 PM EST in Frank Lenk

Samsung Announces 2018 TV Lineup

At it's First Look event, held at the American Stock Exchange in New York City, Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. has revealed its 2018 lineup of TVs.

The announcement included details of Samsung's flagship QLED models, as well as an expanded range of UHD, Premium UHD and Ultra-Large Screen models. Samsung noted that its new lineup will include screens of 75-inch size and above. The company highlighted a number of new features, including improvements in picture quality, increased ‘smart' capabilities, and new design elements.

Direct Full Array (DFA) is a feature specific to the Q9F and Q8F QLED TVs. Using "a framework of precisely controlled LEDs," DFA is said to provide "pristine contrast" for all displayed images.

Ambient Mode, also new to the QLED line, allows the TV remain functional when not being used for specific programming, displaying information including traffic, weather and news. Users can also apply their own wallpaper using the SmartThings app, helping the screen to match with their décor.

One Invisible Connection, featured on the QLED lineup, specifies the use of single cord linking the TV to external devices and power outlets. Samsung notes that the cable is designed to carry both "high capacity" AV data and power. A Teflon coating adds to durability and heat resistance.

Effortless Login is said to simplify Wi-Fi and app setup on the entire smart TV line. New QLED TVs will also feature Bixby, Samsung's spoken-language assistant. Users will be able to search for content using voice commands, and more easily sync their Samsung Galaxy smartphones to their TV in order to access functions such program guides, video sharing and remote control.

New Models

The 2018 Samsung lineup includes more than 11 models, in a variety of sizes, and including both flat and curved screens.

QLED models will include four series:

  • Q9F - 65-, 75- and 88-inch
  • Q8F - 55-, 65-, 75- and 82-inch
  • Q7F - 55-, 65- and 75-inch
  • Q6F - 49-, 55, 65, 75- and 82-inch


All will feature "enhanced color and contrast," HDR10+ compatibility, Ambient Mode, Bixby voice assistant and One Remote Control. One Invisible Connection will be included in the Q7 and Q9 series.

Premium UHD models will include the NU8500 and NU800. These will feature Dynamic Crystal Color, HDR10+ compatibility, "clean cable" connections, Bixby Voice and One Remote Control.

UHD models will include the NU7100 (75-, 65- 58-, 55-, 50-, 43- and 40-inch) and the NU7300 (65- and 55-inch). Features include 4K UHD and HDR capability, "clean cable" connections, slim design and smart TV functionality.

Ultra-Large Screen models will be included in the Q6FN, NU8000, Q7F and Q9F series, with screens of 75-inch or larger. Samsung notes that "reflect consumer demand for larger screen televisions."

The Samsung 2018 TV lineup is slated to be available in stores on April 20.

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Samsung Announces 2018 TV Lineup

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