Safe By Hub6 Adds Honeywell Compatibility

Christine Persaud

Published: 07/16/2019 09:35:14 AM EST in Electronics

Safe By Hub6 Adds Honeywell Compatibility

Homeowners with Honeywell security systems can now upgrade their traditional hardwired alarm systems to a no-fee smart home monitoring system using Safe by HUB6.

Safe allows homeowners to receive their alarm alerts directly, and fully control their system, with the HUB6 app.

"Homeowners are tired of old school service providers, with inflexible contracts and egregious monthly fees," says Tony Chen, co-founder of Safe by HUB6. "Safe by HUB6 provides a fantastic monitoring alternative. With the addition of Honeywell, even more home and business owners can break free from contracts and unfair fees."

Homeowners can add trusted family and friends to their Neighborhood setting on the app so they too are notified in real-time if an alarm is activated. If an alarm is triggered, Neighborhood members can communicate together in the app to investigate further and/or contact emergency services efficiently.

Safe by HUB6 is $299, and includes a no-fee LTE SIM card so you can stay connected to yourhome, even if the power or Internet is down. For those who wish to use on-demand monitoring, Safe By HUB6 offers this for $10/mo., without a contract so you can only add it when you're away on vacation, for example. Monitoring can be started and stopped as desired.

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Safe By Hub6 Adds Honeywell Compatibility

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