Roku Adds Guest Mode, Automatic Account Linking

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/11/2019 06:20:01 AM EST in Vision

Roku Adds Guest Mode, Automatic Account Linking

The latest Roku OS 9.1 update includes two new features to enhance the TV viewing experience: Guest Mode and Automatic Account Link.

With Guest Mode, visiting guests can sign in to subscription channels using their own account credentials, which is great for when you allow friends or family to use your summer cottage up north, for example, have someone house-sit or babysit, or for those who rent out or sublet their units (AirBNB host, anyone?) Guests note which day their credentials should be automatically removed from the device. The Mode can also be switched on and off remotely from the My account page on If a guest leaves early, extends his day, or accidentally selects the incorrect sign-out date, you can also remotely sign them in or out as needed. To enable Guest Mode, go to Settings > System > Guest Mode.

Meanwhile, Automatic Account Link makes it easier to stream on multiple Roku devices with the same account. If a customer has already logged in to a supported subscription service on a Roku device, they will not be required to re-enter their credentials when launching the same channel on an additional Roku device.

This feature is now available to developers and publishers to integrate into their channel. The first channels to support Automatic Account Link in Canada are fuboTV, CBS All Access, and Plex. Additional channels are expected to integrate support for Automatic Account Link shortly.

Expected to roll out to current generation Roku streaming players over the coming weeks and Roku TVs by early summer, the new OS 9.1 includes performance improvements and fixes as well.

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Roku Adds Guest Mode, Automatic Account Linking

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