ReSource Group Canada Makes Changes to its Management Structure

Christine Persaud

Published: 05/16/2017 10:32:12 AM EST in Industry

ReSource Group Canada Makes Changes to its Management Structure

ReSource Group Canada has made some leadership changes, including the appointment of a new President and CEO, effective June 1, 2017.

As part of the Toronto-based sales and marketing agency's Vision 2020 plan, Jeremy S. Lenk has been named the new President and CEO. With the company since 1999, Lenk was previously executive vice president, where he was responsible for launching several marketing initiatives, including the Connected ReSources marketing division. In his new position, Lenk will assume the leadership of the company, and will be responsible for the overall management, as well as focus on its future development and expansion.

Jeremy Lenk assumes this post from Claus Lenk, who has resigned as president and taken on the role of CFO. In his capacity as CFO, Claus Lenk will continue to be responsible for the financial performance of the company, corporate budgets, monitoring of operating costs, and the overall financial health and integrity. He is also responsible for IT infrastructure.

Additionally, Brian Stanojevic, formerly executive vice president, has been named COO. With ReSource Group Canada since 2000, he has worked in various capacities, and was responsible for launching the company's successful Sell Through ReSources division. In his new capacity, Stanojevic will work hands-on with the ReSource Group Canada sales force, directing sales focus, achievement of sales goals, and general sales management.

Both Jeremy Lenk and Stanojevic will work together closely on visioning and development of resources.

"As ReSource Group Canada operates within the changing digital environment," writes the company in a prepared announcement, "the values instilled by its founder have not changed, and will continue to be part of all business and relationships. We operate with integrity in all we do. We invest in our employees.
We share our success by giving back."

Claus Lenk founded ReSource Group Canada back in 1994, growing the company from a small Ontario sales agency to a national sales and marketing agency with representatives across all Canadian provides, two marketing divisions, Sell Through ReSources, and Connected ReSources.

ReSource Group Canada is a division of Lenk Management Inc.

(L-r) Claus Lenk, founder and CFO; Jeremy Lenk, President and CEO, and Brian Stanojevic, COO of Toronto-based sales and marketing agency ReSource Group Canada.

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ReSource Group Canada Makes Changes to its Management Structure

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