RCA's Roku TVs Are Now Available in Canada

Christine Persaud

Published: 08/10/2017 09:40:28 AM EST in Vision

RCA's Roku TVs Are Now Available in Canada

RCA has launched its new line of smart TVs running the Roku operating system, and they are officially available in Canada for pricing starting at $300.

The line includes a 50" Full HD model for $600 MSRP, 43" Full HD model for $470, and 32" HD model for $300.

The new RCA Roku TVs leverage the Roku TV platform to provide customers with an easy-to-use smart TV interface, which features favourite streaming channels alongside other entertainment options like cable boxes, gaming consoles, antennas and other devices. In Canada customers have quick access to more than 4,000 channels and 100,000 movies and TV episodes as well as fast and easy Roku search, which offers an unbiased look across top streaming channels to find movies and TV shows, with results ranked by price.

"We are excited to make our mark once again on the TV landscape," says Claire Villeneuve, Head of Trademark Licensing for Technicolor, which owns the RCA Brand. "TV viewing habits are changing and streaming is becoming the norm. RCA's partnership with Roku allows us to offer our customers a fantastic, yet affordable smart TV with amazing content choices, on one of the most robust smart TV platforms available."

"By aligning with Roku, we're offering consumers the affordable innovation they've come to expect from the RCA brand and we see this partnership as helping to continue Curtis-RCA's leading market share in the Canadian marketplace," adds Aaron Herzog, CEO of Curtis International Ltd, which manufactures the RCA brand TVs.

RCA Roku TVs include a TV tuner input to receive over-the-air TV channels and feature the ability to create a Favorites Channel list. Using the Live TV Pause feature, consumers can pause live broadcasts.

The RCA Roku TV comes with an easy-to-use remote featuring channel shortcut buttons to get to content quickly. The free Roku mobile app turns iOS or Android mobile devices into a streaming companion, and features remote functionality, voice search, private listening, a keyboard, the ability to share videos, music and photos to the TV.

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RCA's Roku TVs Are Now Available in Canada

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