Puro Sound Labs Intros PuroCalm Noise-Isolating Earmuffs

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/03/2019 11:38:20 AM EST in Sound

Puro Sound Labs Intros PuroCalm Noise-Isolating Earmuffs

Puro Sound Labs, a leader in the manufacturer of kid-safe headphones, has developed a new pair of sound-isolating earmuffs for children called PuroCalm.

PuroCalm earmuffs provide 27dB of safe and comfortable broad-spectrum noise reduction to protect children from harmful noises in loud or disruptive environments, or where limiting distraction is needed.

Specially designed and sized for children ages 3 to 16 years old, PuroCalm earmuffs feature heavily padded, rotatable and foldable ear pads that offer travel convenience and added comfort.

They feature two super soft and lightweight ear pads that are cushioned with foam and can rest around little ears gently. With a smooth, sliding arm and swiveling ear cups, the adjustable design ensures a perfect fit over a child's head, creating less tension and enhancing comfort, says Puro.

The earmuffs fold into a compact, easy-to-carry size, and can be used to ensure a safe hearing level at events like concerts, sporting venues, zoos, aquariums, playgrounds, and other locations that might be too loud for extended hearing exposure. The noise reduction can also be useful for children trying to avoid distraction while studying, sleeping on planes, or simply trying to find relief from sensory overload in many entertainment venues.

Puro Sound Labs has partnered with KultureCity, an organization that provides sensory-inclusive spaces and universal accessibility for children with disabilities, to provide its PuroCalm noise-reducing earmuffs in all of KultureCity's sensory initiatives at major sporting and theatre venues. Puro will also donate a percentage of sales related to these co-partnership initiatives to KultureCity.

"Loud venues can create challenges for parents who are conscience of their child's hearing health, especially those with sensory-related sensitivities," says Puro Sound Labs founder and CEO, Dave Russell. "Puro Sound Labs continues to find ways to provide noise relief, be it at a sporting event, aquarium, or maybe just a study session that requires fewer distractions. We're proud to partner with organizations like KultureCity, and provide technology that helps these children comfortably experience the live events that most of us take for granted."

PuroCalm earmuffs are available for a list price of US $30, and come in pink or green.

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Puro Sound Labs Intros PuroCalm Noise-Isolating Earmuffs

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