Onkyo USA Announced New Organizational Structure

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/09/2019 08:55:16 AM EST in Industry

Onkyo USA Announced New Organizational Structure

Onkyo USA has announced a new vision for its organizational structure that includes new personnel hires and promotions to "align sector expertise with the company's new business vertical approach."

As part of the realignment, Onkyo USA recently announced the hiring of Mike Criscitiello as National Sales Manager for its newly defined Retail business vertical. Additionally, with a renewed focus on its Custom Installation business vertical, Onkyo USA has appointed Jim Pelech its new National Sales Manager to lead the division.

Joining Jim in the CI vertical will be Robert Vieira, who has been promoted to CI Director of Product Marketing, Training and Brand Localization. Long-time Integra Director of Sales and industry veteran Keith Haas will now assume a key role alongside Scott Sefton in the development of the newly created Premium Brands business vertical that will focus on Esoteric and other premium brands.

In May, Sound United entered into a term sheet agreement to acquire Onkyo Corporation's Home Audio division. But the companies confirmed a mutual agreement to terminate that proposed acquisition last week, nothing that "all of the necessary closing conditions could not be satisfactorily achieved."

"Even though Onkyo USA was never part of the Sound United acquisition announcement in May and now that the deal is off the table, we can move beyond any uncertainty to focus on increasing market share, strategic partnerships, consumer engagement, and expanding our portfolio of premium brands," says Joe Petrillo, COO of Onkyo USA. "We will continue to invest in high-level performers to provide our business partners and ultimately the end user with a higher level of service and accommodation."

Last month, Onkyo USA announced that it would serve as an authorized distributor and online retail partner for Sonos,  and the company says it will be adding more premium brands to its portfolio in the coming weeks.

Onkyo USA offers AV products from the Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite, Integra, TEAC, Esoteric, and Cotodama brands. The privately-held corporation, wholly-owned by CEO Jason Sausto, is a marketing and distribution company.

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Onkyo USA Announced New Organizational Structure

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