New Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio Offers Time Projection

Christine Persaud

Published: 12/05/2017 09:47:50 AM EST in Vision

New Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio Offers Time Projection

Niagara Falls, ON-based Magnasonic has added two new alarm clock radios to its line-up, the CR64 and CR63, which are designed for easy set-up and easy use.

The CR64 is Magnasonic's flagship alarm clock, which includes a Time Projection feature that makes sure the time remains in convenient view. With an adjustable 180-degree swivel projection display, users can avoid having to roll over in the middle of the night to check the time as the clock projects the time on the wall or ceiling.

Both the CR64 and CR63 are designed to be setup once, and will automatically adjust themselves from then on. Plug the clock in, select the time zone, and the clock will automatically set the time. The clock even adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings Time.

There's also a USB charger included, allowing users to recharge their smartphones or other USB-based mobile devices overnight.

Both clock radios intuitively adjust the display's brightness based on a room's lighting. Users can program separate wake times for themselves and their partners during the work week, weekend or full week, allowing them to set their separate schedules if necessary.

The back-up battery keeps the devices running in the event of an unexpected power failure or power loss. The backup automatically restores the time and alarm settings, activating the alarm at the scheduled time.

Both clocks feature automatic time set, aux 3.5mm input, indoor temperature (C/F) reading, date display, digital AM/FM tuner, sleep timer, wake to radio or gradual wake buzzer and radio presets.

Magnasonic's CR64 and CR63 are available now for $46 and $39, respectively.

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New Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio Offers Time Projection

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