Netflix Names New Recommended TVs for 2017

Christine Persaud

Published: 03/20/2017 09:09:29 AM EST in Vision

Netflix Names New Recommended TVs for 2017

Netflix has added some models to its list of Recommend TVs, which promise an optimal experience when accessing the streaming service through their platforms. Among them are models from LG, Samsung, and Sony.

The latest smart TVs to make the cut are LG's 2017 4K UHD models with webOS 3.5; Samsung's 2017 7, 8, 9, and Q-Series Smart TVs; and all of Sony's 2017 model Android TVs.

Netflix says these TVs offer "better usability, faster performance, and new features that make getting to Netflix and other Internet TV services as easy as getting to live TV."

In order to achieve the designation from Netflix, the TVs had to pass a rigorous evaluation process based on factors that Netflix says its members tell the company are important. With that said, new criteria was added for 2017. Netflix and other Internet TV apps must be able to be powered up in just a few seconds after powering on the TV. Switching among apps, including Internet apps and live TV, then back again, has to be almost instantaneous. Additionally, the Netflix interface specifically must appear in high-resolution, with clear, bright, and sharp graphics and text to allow for an immersive experience in order for TVs to make the cut.

Also required is that the display comes with the latest version of Netflix, including the latest features. And features like a dedicated Netflix button on the remote also gains a TV attention, but most important is that Netflix is easy to access from wherever a user might be within his TV menu.

These TVs will be in all countries where Netflix is available, though specific model availability varies by region.

LG's Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV is among several new models that have achieved the Netflix Recommended sticker of approval for 2017

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Netflix Names New Recommended TVs for 2017

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