Netflix Confirms Its 2019 List of Recommended TVs

Christine Persaud

Published: 06/19/2019 09:48:46 AM EST in Vision

Netflix Confirms Its 2019 List of Recommended TVs

Netflix has released its 2019 list of Recommended TVs that have been confirmed to offer better performance, easier menu navigation, and new features that improve the experience for Internet TV services.

The Netflix Recommended TV logo, launched in 2015, recognizes smart TVs that provide a superior experience for Netflix and Internet TV in general. TVs that sport the logo have passed rigorous testing to ensure great performance and easy access to Netflix and other services. This means the TV starts up instantly and gets to Netflix (or other Internet TV services) within just a few seconds; allows users to move quickly and easily between apps; comes with the latest version of Netflix; and can support newer, more immersive Netflix browsing experiences, like video previews.

To receive the designation, the TV must meet five out of seven criteria including TV instant on; fast app launch; a dedicated Netflix button; easy Netflix icon access; TV updates in the background; a high-res Netflix interface; and/or the latest version of Netflix. The biggest change in the criteria from last year to 2019 is the addition of the Always Fresh feature, which ensures that while the TV is "sleeping," Netflix is still awake. Netflix periodically refreshes in the background so that the next time you queue up a show for streaming, it's ready to go.

The first wave of 2019 Netflix Recommended TVs that are available in Canada include: the Sony BRAVIA A9G, X950G, X955G, X957G, X850G, X855G, and X857G; and the Samsung Q900R, Q90R, Q80R, Q70R, Q60R, The Frame (2019), and RU8000. The Serif from Samsung and some Panasonic models also meet the criteria, but these are not yet available in Canada.

Netflix says it will continue to report new designations throughout the year as new devices and device updates become available. For now, if you're looking for the most superior Netflix viewing experience possible, in terms of intuitiveness, functionality, and menu navigation, these are the 2019 TV models to consider.

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Netflix Confirms Its 2019 List of Recommended TVs

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