My 25-Foot Selfie Stick Thinks It's a Drone

Steve Makris

Published: 01/02/2020 07:20:01 AM EST in Mobile

My 25-Foot Selfie Stick Thinks It's a Drone

My 25-foot self-made selfie stick project was a mix of bragging rights and simply having some fun. But after taking a few impressive photos around town, I realized I had created a winner and a drone slayer. Well, sort of.

Using the device, it's like shooting off the roof of a two-story building or a crane. The wider the camera phone lens, the higher and more impressive my "aerial" photos looked.

My mega selfie stick shined during a recent business trip to San Francisco, CA where I visited the spectacular Point Lobos seaside cliffs. I packed it as sports cargo in a six-foot narrow fishing pole case in my checked luggage. I shot video using a Samsung Gear 360 cam and a few stills with the Galaxy Note 10+ in super wide 14mm equivalent lens mode. The long selfie stick gave me high vantage points, safely away from the cliff edges. When panning the camera phone at different angles in 50-foot arcs to shoot 4K videos, the results were stunning. They look like short videos of a moving drone!

I can use the stick (collapsed to be much smaller, of course) indoors or at popular photographic destinations, many of which do not allow the use of drones. It collapses down to six feet for tight indoor spaces or to get a closer selfie effect. A removable angled and slimmer two-foot-long part with the monopod head attached can also serve as a traditional selfie stick. The longer the length of the pole, the smaller you will look in a selfie.

So how did I make this? One extendable roof snow shovel pole (I removed the shovel, of course), two ring clamps for securely attaching a small tripod or monopod head, a small tripod or monopod head, a Bluetooth wireless shutter trigger, a flagstaff belt holder for holding the pole with one hand, and a screwdriver. Total cost: $150 excluding a travel case made for about a$50 using PVC or $200 for a professional fishing rod case.

Am I onto something here? Check it out in action.


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My 25-Foot Selfie Stick Thinks It's a Drone

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