MusicLens Are Bone Conduction Sunglasses That Let You Ditch the Earbuds

Christine Persaud

Published: 05/25/2018 11:50:01 AM EST in Vision

MusicLens Are Bone Conduction Sunglasses That Let You Ditch the Earbuds

Forget earbuds, even true wireless ones. With the MusicLens Audio Sunglasses from Kibey Culture, you can listen to tunes on-the-go through the optical eyewear.

The bone conduction sunglasses boast an open ear design, which lets wearers enjoy their music without others hearing what they are listening to, just as would be the case with traditional headphones or earbuds. Bone conduction technology works by delivering sound via the skin and bone, through vibrations. Tap the side of the frame to control music or pick up calls. It can also automatically answer an incoming call after five seconds; or, you can decline it by tapping the right side of the frame. The glasses can comfortably be worn for long periods of time, thanks to the ultra-light titanium alloy frame.

They connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth, and you can use them to listen to music as well as answer calls. Smart Facial Recognition recognizes your face so it only plays music when you are wearing the glasses. Music automatically pauses when you take them off. Sound Leak Reduction, meanwhile, offers non-disruptive, high quality sound, and optimizes sound transmission with special materials and a unique chamber design. The glasses are IP54-rated for water and dust resistance, and the battery can run for up to nine hours per charge, and recharges in an hour using the Type-C cable. When you take the glasses off, the music automatically pauses to preserve the battery life.

"MusicLens was designed for listeners who care about ambient sound, hearing health and their personal style," says JunYi Liu, founder & CEO of Kibey Culture. "With advances in bone-conduction listening technology, they can play music, listen to the radio and answer calls all through glasses. Others won't be able to hear what you're listening to, but you can still hear the world around you. Because of its open ear design, MusicLens protects your hearing and doesn't hurt or irritate your eardrums."

MusicLens comes in three styles: Vogue or Modern sunglasses, as well as the Geek traditional eyeglasses, and in a variety of colour options. Vogue comes in pink and yellow, Modern in black and green, and Geek in pure black. The glasses are also prescription lens-friendly for those who wear glasses daily. You can customize your own prescription lens online for US$99. The lenses block 98% of UV, IR, and Blue Ray light.

Buyers will also get a one-year membership of free music to listeners through the echo Music app, which boasts 30 million users worldwide. Listeners also have the opportunity to earn free MitCoin token through MusicLife, a Blockchain trading and sharing platform.

The MusicLens sunglasses and eyeglasses are available on Kickstarter for US$69 for early bird backers, and US$89 for sunglasses. Each pair ships in a 100% sustainable packaging.

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MusicLens Are Bone Conduction Sunglasses That Let You Ditch the Earbuds

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