Mount Your Sonos One to the Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand, Wall Mount

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/06/2017 02:45:10 PM EST in Style

Mount Your Sonos One to the Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand, Wall Mount

Sanus is already prepared to accommodate setup of the new Sonos One, which will arrive in stores October 24, with two new mounting accessories for the smart wireless speaker: a Wireless Speaker Stand and a Wireless Speaker Wall Mount.

Both accessories are meant to help users save space and clutter, and are built specifically to fit Sonos speakers, including the new Sonos One speaker, which was announced at an event in New York City earlier this week, as well as the existing Sonos Play:1 and Play:3.

The Wireless Speaker Stand securely holds the speaker at the manufacturer's recommended height for optimized audio dispersion and voice-activated interaction: the Sonos One will be able to accept voice commands from Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, and in 2018, Google Assistant as well. The stand measures 34" tall.

Mount the Sonos speaker to the wall using the Wireless Speaker Wall Mount, which is installable on drywall, wood studs, or concrete, making it possible to situate the speaker anywhere in the home from in the bathroom where shelf space is at a minimum, to under a kitchen cabinet where there's under-utilized space. The mount can tilt and swivel. Rather than use a threaded insert, Sanus developed an adaptation with exclusive InvisiGrip technology, which snugly holds the speaker in place. Although InvisiGrip is designed specifically for the Sonos One, says Sanus, the mount also supports existing Sonos models, including the Play:1 and Play:3, both of which have threaded inserts.

"Our goal was to find a way to safely, yet discreetly, attach the Sonos One to our mount without a screw insert," explains Mark Plummer, Senior Product Manager at Sanus. "Our product development team came up with several concepts, but the one we all fell in love with was InvisiGrip. It securely wraps around the speaker and essentially disappears as it blends in with the speaker, making sure the beautiful aesthetic and awesome acoustics of the Sonos One are preserved."

Both the speaker stand and the wall mount are safety-tested and UL-Certified. They can be assembled and installed in just 15 minutes, says Sanus, and boast styles that complement the Sonos brand aesthetics.

The Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand and Wireless Speaker Wall Mount will be available in "early October," and will come in black or white, as either singles or pairs.

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Mount Your Sonos One to the Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand, Wall Mount

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