Monster Gets Into the Mood Lighting Business

Christine Persaud

Published: 02/04/2019 09:47:41 AM EST in CES 2019

Monster Gets Into the Mood Lighting Business

Monster is getting into the lighting business with a new line called Monster Illuminessecence that consists of colour-changing LED lighting products for the home.

The system, first announced at CES in early January, can be used for everyday lighting, or mood lighting for gatherings. It's easy to use, working out of the box, and the line includes kits for large rooms, small rooms, light strips, bulbs, and longer power extension kits.

"Illuminessence is the start of a great thing for Monster," says Head Monster Noel Lee. "Lighting is a critical element for creating the perfect ambience for any situation. Imagine concerts or dance clubs without special lighting or Halloween ‘spookfests' without orange and black lighting. In an instant, almost like magic, great lighting creates a whole new atmosphere and ambience. Monster Illuminessence gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a stunning, professional quality LED light experience without the complicated set-up or the budget-killing price."

"Monster has always been about improving the music experience through better sound," adds Kevin Lee, Monster's COO. "And now we're excited about making ambient mood lighting control affordable and simple to use for everyone for a better music experience."

Rather than operatae via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the lighting works with a multitouch RF remote that allows you to control the colour-changing lights, turn them on and off, and dim them for special effects. You can also select preset programmed modes like "Sunset" or "Lounge" for relaxation, or "Club" for parties, and the lights change automatically to set the mood. You can also set special modes for holidays like Halloween or Christmas; or just opt for a pure "White" that delivers bright white light for everyday use.

Because the system is completely modular, you can choose the kit that best fits your room size. Each kit includes a different combination of LED colour-changing bulbs and LED strips. Screw in the bulb to any light fixture, remove the adhesive on the LED strip and stick it below your bed, bar, kitchen cabinetry, or anywhere you want to add mood and ambience. You can pair up to four Illuminessence remotes with up to 30 different LED bulbs or strips in each group for the right light throughout your home.

The Mood Lighting Kit Large includes a multicolour RF remote control, two multicolour/white LED dimmable bulbs, two 6.5-foot extra bright multicolour/white dimmable 60-LED strips, USB powered, and an adapter. The Small kit has one bulb and one LED strip.

There are also three-pack Mood Lightstrips, and the Mightstrip XL, which includes a 150-LED strip. You can also grab a 10-foot 5V USB extension power cable.

There's no word yet on if the Monster Illuminessence line of products will be available at retail in Canada. Stay tuned.

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Monster Gets Into the Mood Lighting Business

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