Monitor Audio Announces Outdoor Sub-Sat System

Gordon Brockhouse

Published: 02/14/2017 03:39:12 PM EST in Sound

Monitor Audio Announces Outdoor Sub-Sat System

Kevro International has announced a new expandable outdoor speaker system from Monitor Audio. The Climate Garden system includes the CLG-140 satellite speaker and CLG-W12 passive subwoofer. The speakers can be daisychained in 70/100V arrays of up to 12 satellites per subwoofer; and additional sub/sat sets can be added to suit the installation.

Priced at $599 each, the CLG-140 satellite combines Monitor Audio's 1" C-CAM (ceramic-coated aluminum magnesium) Gold done tweeter with a 4" MMP II (metal matrix polymer) mid-bass driver. It can be installed close to the garden surface on a separately supplied stake ($65), or mounted on a tree, pole, wall or fence using an optional wall bracket ($65).

The CLG-W12 ($2,999) employs a 12" C-CAM woofer mounted in a waterproof rotationally-moulded polymer enclosure that sits below the garden surface. Sound is radiated from an above-ground domed output port. The CLG-W12 can be powered from a single amplifier channel at 4Ω; or installers can choose the 70/100V option for cable runs above 10m and for employing multiple subwoofers.

Kevro has also announced the CDi series of 70/140V two-channel amplifiers from Crown Audio. Rated respectively at 2x500 and 2x800 watts into 4Ω, the CDi1000 ($1,499) and CDi2000 ($2,029) incorporate advanced protection circuitry to guard against shorted outputs, open circuits, DC, mismatched loads, general overheating, high-frequency overloads and internal faults.

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Monitor Audio Announces Outdoor Sub-Sat System

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