Mellow's Smart Sous Vide Machine Has Built-in Refrigeration

Christine Persaud

Published: 11/19/2019 06:30:01 AM EST in Electronics

Mellow's Smart Sous Vide Machine Has Built-in Refrigeration

Sous vide machines are all the rage these days when it comes to small kitchen appliances. But Brooklyn, NY-based Mellow puts an interesting spin on its version, the Mellow Duo, through built-in refrigeration.

The idea is that food inside can be kept at a safely chilled temperature until it's ready to be cooked. The appliance is a dual-vat smart sous video machine that includes a patented refrigeration system. The sensors actively monitor water temperatures and if the water isn't cold enough, a series of actions will occur to quickly cool it. A pre-cooling option also chills water overnight so next-day set-up is simple.

"In a society that's more time-constrained than ever, it can be hard to cook healthy, high-quality meals at home," says Zalmi Duchman, CEO of Mellow Inc. "Mellow Duo improves upon its older sibling by affording home chefs the opportunity to cook for larger groups, or to cook complete meals with sides in the same machine."

The large dual-vat system includes double wall construction to ensure energy efficiency. It's also removable for easy cleaning. And because there are two separate areas, you can make surf and turf for large groups, for example, or both an entrée and side dishes by using two side-by-side vats. Or, combine them to make a larger portion of one dish. The single vat can hold up to 14 portions.

To cook, use any food-safe zip seal bag. Place the food inside, season it, then put the bag into the water bath and select your desired cook setting. Once cooked, remove the food from the bag and serve, or sear in a pan for a crispy texture.

An AI-enabled app makes provides helpful tips for cooking sous-vide and suggestions based on user ratings of each dish cooked. The app learns each cook's preferences, while built-in Wi-Fi allows you to remotely control of Mellow Duo in real-time from anywhere.

Mellow Duo is available to pre-order starting at US$149 by visiting

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Mellow's Smart Sous Vide Machine Has Built-in Refrigeration

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