Manulife Launches All-In Banking Package

Christine Persaud

Published: 06/11/2019 07:00:01 AM EST in Mobile

Manulife Launches All-In Banking Package

Manulife Bank has launched its digital All-In Banking Package, a multi-product banking package that is designed to help Canadians develop better financial habits and improve their financial well-being.

The All-In Banking Package includes saving and daily banking tools, personalized insights, and a virtual financial assistant, all of which is accessible through a simple and clear mobile experience.

"There are thousands of financial products and hundreds of voices out there telling Canadians what to do with their money," says Rick Lunny, President and CEO, Manulife Bank. "There is frustration with lack of transparency, high fees and minimum balances. Customers are demanding clarity, simplicity, and value from their bank that goes beyond just a simple chequing or savings account. That's what we deliver with the Manulife All-In Banking Package."

With the All-In Banking Package, users receive an unlimited transaction, everyday bank account, a high-interest savings account, a no-fee cash back credit card; and travel insurance. Additionally, customers will also receive a free year of Amazon Prime and two months of Audible when they make 10 or more debit or credit purchases in each of the first two full months. The fee is $10/mo., but if customers grow their savings by $100 in any one month, they can have this fee waived.

Customers also have the opportunity to earn high interest and cash back rewards, have access to a customizable financial dashboard with personalized insights to help Canadians control spending and avoid fees, savings tools including the everyday banking account sweep feature which can be set to maximize savings and interest, and a virtual financial assistant to support customers with banking questions and help budget with clear spending categorizations.

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Manulife Launches All-In Banking Package

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