London Drugs COO Named Retailer of the Year; Reaches Battery Collection Milestone

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/21/2017 08:36:49 AM EST in Industry

 London Drugs COO Named Retailer of the Year; Reaches Battery Collection Milestone

London Drugs is enjoying two major achievements this month: the retailer's Executive Vice President and COO has been named Distinguished Canadian Retailer of the Year by the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), and has reached a battery collection milestone, just in time for Earth Day.

Clint Mahlman will be the recipient of the Excellence in Retail Awards (ERA) 2017 Distinguished Canadian Retailer of the Year Award at this year's ceremonies.

"RCC is thrilled to recognize Clint Mahlman and London Drugs Limited for their passion, their leadership, and their ability to embrace change in today's retail landscape," says Diane J. Brisebois, President and CEO, Retail Council of Canada.

Mahlman and London Drugs Limited are being recognized for their outstanding and ongoing business success, an innovative and successful approach to customer care, an unwavering commitment to the communities they serve, and outstanding leadership in promoting and supporting retail as a career.

London Drugs joins others merchants across Canada receiving the ERA award, including Leon's, Harry Rosen, Canadian Tire Corporation, Groupe Dynamite, Indigo, Staples Canada, Costco Wholesale Canada, and Aritzia.

Since joining London Drugs in 1984, Mahlman has held several senior positions, until taking on his current post in 2014. In addition to helping grow the company's retail business, Mahlman has also played a role in London Drugs' philanthropic community-based activities, such as environmental stewardship, health education and the support for youth at risk. He is widely recognized for the significant impact that London Drugs' "What's the Green Deal?" recycling program and waste-management stewardship has and is making in the retail industry.

In addition to his contributions to London Drugs, Mahlman continues to serve and support 'retail as a career' programs through local and national academic programs and initiatives.

The Distinguished Retailer of the Year Award will be presented to Mahlman at the Excellence in Retailing Awards Gala on May 30, 2017.

Meanwhile, London Drugs has also confirmed that, in partnership with national consumer battery collection and recycling program Call2Recycle, the retailer has diverted over 300,000 kg of batteries from landfill through recycling since 2000. That's the equivalent weight of 1.7 million hockey pucks. This makes London Drugs the first Western Canada-based retailer in the Call2Recycle program to reach this recycling milestone.

London Drugs began offering the Call2Recycle battery take-back program to its customers 17 years ago. Originally accepting only rechargeable batteries, the program expanded to include single-use batteries (such as AA, AAA, 9v, etc.) in 2010 in BC and in 2012 to the rest of western Canada. London Drugs now averages about 50,000 kg of batteries collected annually from its 79 stores.

"We are committed to offering sustainable options for our customers, not only through the products we sell, but also by providing solutions for the proper end-of-life management for those products," says Maury McClausland, London Drugs' Retail Operations Sustainability Specialist. "Offering an in-store battery recycling program to our customers aligns with our overall environmental commitment to ensure we are lessening our impact on our planet and in our communities."

London Drugs has developed easy-to-use recycling kiosks and special signage to help educate consumers on the importance of battery recycling, as well as other materials. In addition to batteries, consumers can also recycle over 15 types of materials in-store at London Drugs, ranging from plastic bags to Brita water filters to small appliances.

"Since our program launched in Canada 20 years ago, we have successfully collected and recycled over 13.5 million kilograms of batteries," adds Joe Zenobio, President of Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. "Without the commitment to responsible recycling from collection partners like London Drugs, this accomplishment wouldn't be possible. We congratulate them on this significant milestone."

Founded in 1945, B.C.-based London Drugs has 79 stores in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba including its online store London Drugs offers consumers a range of products from digital cameras and cosmetics to computers and televisions. The company employs more than 7,000 people with pharmacy and health care services being the heart of its business.

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London Drugs COO Named Retailer of the Year; Reaches Battery Collection Milestone

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