Leef iBridge3 Lets You Expand Your iPhone Storage

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/18/2016 02:16:10 PM EST in Mobile

Leef iBridge3 Lets You Expand Your iPhone Storage

Sure, there's always the cloud. But sometimes, you'd rather just store your favourite photos, videos, and other content locally on the device, or any physical device. The Leef iBridge3 may be the solution for users of iOS devices.

The iBridge3 is an external memory drive to which you can transfer photos, movies, and documents from an iPhone or iPad to free up space, and/or as a backup. Additionally, you can shoot and save photos and videos directly to the device; and integrate it with a cloud drive, transferring files between the iBridge and a DropBox, Box, Google Drive, or iCloud account. The one limitation: you will not be able to play DRM-protected video files from iTunes on external apps.

If you have a microSD memory card, you can also use the iAccess iOS microSD Reader (MSRP $70) to view and share content from it.

Once transferred, you can create a passcode, or use Touch ID with LeefLock to protect the content in the event of a lost or stolen drive.

The Leef iBridge3 currently sells in Canada in sizes from 16GB up to 256GB for MSRPs of $80 up to $230.

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Leef iBridge3 Lets You Expand Your iPhone Storage

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