Jabra to Launch Upgraded Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

Ted Kritsonis

Published: 07/13/2017 07:23:52 AM EST in Sound

Jabra to Launch Upgraded Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

Jabra has launched an upgraded version of its Elite Sport true wireless earbuds in Canada and the U.S., aiming to bolster battery life by up to 50% and improve audio fidelity.

The company made the announcement at CE Week 2017 in New York, claiming that it has managed to boost battery life in the new model to as much as 4.5 hours per charge. That would mark a noticeable increase compared to the three hours the original model averaged.

The full 13.5 hours noted in the launch details refers to the fact the charging case can recharge the earbuds an extra two times as well. The overall rating is also somewhat subjective because volume level largely determines how long the earbuds last each time.

On the audio front, little was mentioned about the new Elite Sport's new components to improve fidelity, but some changes have been made. Users will now be able to personalize their sound profile through an equalizer in Jabra's free Sport Life app. Whether or not any part of the audio spectrum sounds better because of new drivers or other hardware is unclear.

The other elements that made up the original Elite Sport are still in place. That includes the heart rate monitor, button placement and four microphones, all of which are reportedly unchanged. The fittings (gels, Comply Foam and wing tips) are also likely to be the same as well.

The same three-year warranty covering damage from sweat is also back, mirroring what Jabra offered for the previous model.

Two colour options are being released: all-black and lime green-grey, each for an MSRP of $350.

Jabra products are distributed in Canada by Affinity Electronics.

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Jabra to Launch Upgraded Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

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