Ikea Wants to Help You Avoid Putting Together its Furniture

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/19/2018 08:30:02 AM EST in Industry

Ikea Wants to Help You Avoid Putting Together its Furniture

Does putting together Ikea furniture represent the bane of your existence? Whether you feel this way seriously or jokingly, Ikea is hoping its new service will solve the issue, offering in-home assembly services for those who love Ikea furniture, but don't want to have to follow the cryptic instructions and make those repeated Allen key twists.

Ikea acquired in-home assembly and mounting service TaskRabbit last September, and through this acquisition, is now offering on-demand assembly services in stores and within the greater Toronto area (GTA), with plans to roll out to Vancouver by mid-November, and Montreal in Spring 2019.

Call a TaskRabbit, and the person will come to assemble a variety of Ikea furniture pieces for you, for a small, flat rate fee, starting at $32. Have a bedframe put together for $56-$72, a chest of drawers for $24-$64, wardrobes for $72-$272, sofas for $40-$64, and desks for $56-$72. Furniture can be assembled as soon as the day after purchase.

"We know that Canadians are increasingly time-strapped, with growing urbanization and longer commute times than ever," says Marsha Smith, President, Ikea Canada. "Expanding our offer with TaskRabbit's on-demand service enables Ikea to meet our customers' needs in a fast-changing retail landscape. Today's launch is an important step as Ikea Canada continues its transformation journey to become the leading multichannel home furnishings retailer, ensuring the shopping experience is convenient, flexible, and affordable for our customers, both today and in the future."

TaskRabbit is a network that connects people who need tasks done around the home, like furniture assembly as well as handyman work, moving help, snow removal and more, with Taskers. They are independent service providers who have listed their services on the network. Taskers are background checked, vetted, and receive ratings/reviews for tasks completed.

TaskRabbit recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and Canada marks the company's first new country market since its acquisition by Ikea, and its third market overall, alongside the U.S. and the U.K. Ikea furniture assembly currently ranks as the fastest growing category on TaskRabbit.

To use TaskRabbit's in-home assembly and mounting service, visit Ikea.ca/TaskRabbit, and proceed to TaskRabbit's website to complete an assembly request, based on your location and product choice. You can also receive a quote in store, and book an assembly in person.

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Ikea Wants to Help You Avoid Putting Together its Furniture

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