Headphones Market Rises as True Wireless Dominates

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/30/2019 07:47:06 AM EST in Sound

Headphones Market Rises as True Wireless Dominates

The earphones and headphones market in the U.S. is poised for healthy growth, predicted to reach more than US$9 billion by 2024, representing CAGR of more than 12%, reports ResearchAndMarkets.com.

The research firm's Earphones and Headphones Market in US - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024 report finds that vendors are adopting new technologies to develop next-gen headphones, which is helping to drive the market. Exponential growth has been witnessed in the use of smart and wearable devices, which is expected to drive the demand for earphones and headphones even further.

A significant trend observed worldwide is the introduction of true wireless earphones, which was introduced by Bragi in 2015. Vendors like JBL, Apple, and Harman, a Samsung subsidiary, launched wireless earbuds that incorporate several smart features. One of the most critical aspects of incorporating IoT into true wireless headphones is enhanced product usage mapping, which can provide insights about prospects and potential of products and services to the consumers.

With the regular technological advancements, the U.S. earphones and headphones market is likely to witness the implementation of IoT in headphones, the availability of real-time language translation features, and the integration of smartphones with hearing aids.

Additionally, earbuds are not just consumer goods, but they are also becoming fashion accessories. The prominent vendors in U.S. earphones and headphones market are actively involved in strategic acquisitions and mergers, which are expected to make profitable results during the forecast period.

Major vendors in the U.S. earphones and headphones market include Apple, Bose, Samsung, Sony, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, and LG Electronics. But there are also many other brands that ResearchAndMarkets deems "prominent players," including Audio-Technica, Bang and Olufsen, Beyerdynamic, Creative Technology, House of Marley, Jabra, Monster, Panasonic, Parrot, Pioneer, SOL Republic, Urbanears, and more.

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Headphones Market Rises as True Wireless Dominates

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