Google Reveals the Year in Search: What Did Canadians Search for in 2016?

Christine Persaud

Published: 12/14/2016 09:00:10 AM EST in Christine Persaud

Google Reveals the Year in Search: What Did Canadians Search for in 2016?

Google has revealed its annual Year in Search list, an analysis of the search terms performed globally throughout the year. So what were Canadians most interested in? The list includes politics, smartphone apps, sports, and tragic deaths as some of the major moments of 2016.

Overall, the top trending search for 2016 was for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. In terms of Canadians specifically, we were most interested in musician Drake; and with news stories, again, Trump topped the list.

Behind Trump on the top-trending searches list was Pokemon Go, Toronto Raptors, Fort McMurray fire, and Prince as the top five. Rounding out the top 10 was the Olympics, David Bowie, World Cup of Hockey, Brexit, and Canada Post strike.

While Drake took the cake in top-trending Canadians, musicians overall dominated the top-10. Celine Dion was second, Gord Downie third, Leonard Cohen fourth, and Shawn Mendes 10th. Other top-10 trending Canadians included athletes Penny Oleksiak, PK Subban, Andre de Grasse, and Sidney Crosby; as well as TV personality Samantha Bee. In terms of worldwide musicians searched, Drake still topped the list, followed by Beyonce, Rihanna, Celine Dion, and Kanye West.

Politics were top of mind when it came to news story searches: behind Trump was the U.S. election as the second most-searched news story, while Brexit was sixth. Sadly, natural disasters, viruses, and violent attacks also proved important on our list of searched topics, with the Zika Virus coming in third, Fort McMurray fire fifth, Orlando shooting seventh, and Nice attack at 10th. Also on the list was the Rio Olympics (4), the Panama Papers leaked documents (8), and activist movement Black Lives Matter (9).

In consumer technology, smartphones were the most popular. The iPhone 7 was the most searched-for gadget, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and the new Google Pixel. The only non-phone device to make the top-five was the Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, while the Hatchimal toy from Canadian company Spin Master was only recently released, it has risen to the number-two position for most searched toys, behind only Pokemon-related gear. Third was Trolls, following the release of that movie, along with Baby Alive and Num Noms.

In entertainment, Netflix crushed the competition accounting for four of the top-five series. It's original series Stranger Things was the most searched for television series, Gilmore Girls third, Fuller House fourth, and Luke Cage fifth. HBO series Westworld, the second most searched show, is the only non-Netflix show on the list.

Other more generic terms Canadians searched for in 2016 included everything from celebrities to Canadian politicians, memes, recipes, dog breeds, and Trudeau moments. "Who is..." and "What is..." were popular search precursors, along with song lyrics, health food trends, and consumer tech. In song lyrics, Canadians most wanted to know the words to Panda, One Dance, 7 Years, Work, and Stressed Out. Who did Canadians most often want to know more about? Harambe, followed by Ken Bone, Ann Coulter, the father of Bridget Jones' baby, and George Soros.

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Google Reveals the Year in Search: What Did Canadians Search for in 2016?

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