Google Pixel Slate is an Android-based Touch Computer With Chrome OS

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/11/2018 12:43:22 PM EST in Mobile

Google Pixel Slate is an Android-based Touch Computer With Chrome OS

Alongside its new Pixel 3 and 3XL smartphones, Google also introduced the new Pixel Slate, which offers access to the Chrome OS, along with Android apps through a touch-first user interface.

The Pixel Slate is just 7mm thin and weighs 1.6lbs., with a display that covers nearly the entire front. It employs rounded edges, and curved 2.5D glass. The new Molecular Display packs 293 pixels per inch, or six-million total pixels. Dual front-firing speakers are algorithmically tuned to provide "crisp highs and clear lows," says Google.

Equipped with an 8MP camera on both the front and rear, the front-facing Duo Cam provides an extra wide field of view and good low light performance. Take photos using portrait mode, which uses on-device machine learning to keep a single point in focus.

Offering up to 12 hours of battery life with typical mixed usage, Slate is powered by a reimagined Chrome OS that enables easy navigation on a touchscreen. It's designed to be held in your hands, while providing a full desktop experience. Developers can also run Linux.

Google Assistant is built in, a new launcher, machine learning-generated suggestions for the apps you use most, and multitasking tools like split screen. It has a full desktop Chrome browser with extensions, so you'll be able to access full versions of websites, not just the mobile versions.

G Suite apps work on Pixel Slate as well. Google Play provides access to millions of apps, both online and offline. Built-in digital wellness features like Night Light and Do Not Disturb encourage you to disconnect. You can also set digital ground rules for your family with Family Link, which gives you control over how your children's device is used.

As with every Chrome OS device, Pixel Slate boots up in seconds and, when online, updates in the background so you always have the latest security and features without annoying update notifications and interruptions. Pixel Slate adds an extra layer of protection with the Titan security chip so your information, device passwords and OS are protected.

Unlock it using Pixel Imprint, as the power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

For greater productivity, use Slate with the Pixel Slate Keyboard, a full-sized backlit keyboard with round Hush Keys for quiet typing, a dedicated Google Assistant key, and an extra-large trackpad. The folio is adjustable so you can comfortably work at any angle, then use it as a slim protective case when you're on the go.

Pixel Slate also works with the low latency Pixelbook Pen that launched last year with the Pixelbook. This year's version comes in a new Midnight Blue colour.

The Google Pixel Slate starts at $849, and will come in several configurations once it's available later this year. The Pixel Slate Keyboard is $259, and the PixelBook Pen $129, and both will be available later this year as well.

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Google Pixel Slate is an Android-based Touch Computer With Chrome OS

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