Get a Handl on Your Phone

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/27/2016 07:17:46 AM EST in Style

Get a Handl on Your Phone

Who would have thought an artist would come up with one of the cleverest designs for a smartphone case we've seen yet?

Handl was developed by Allen Hirsch, who painted the first portrait of President Bill Clinton for the National Portrait Gallery, and has created numerous portraits for the covers of TIME Magazine.

The case, which is available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, employs a proprietary flexible and elastic brace system that allows you to hold the phone using just two fingers. This, says Hirsch, can help reduce strain. The brace can also double as a stand for propping your device up in portrait or landscape mode.

Not surprisingly, Hirsch drew inspiration for the Handl's design from using a brush while painting.

The Handl smartphone case sells for US$25-$50, depending on the model and material.

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Get a Handl on Your Phone

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