Gentec International to Distribute Vinyl Records

Christine Persaud

Published: 06/24/2019 08:54:53 AM EST in Industry

Gentec International to Distribute Vinyl Records

Gentec International has announced that effective July 1, 2019, the company will be an authorized vinyl distribution partner for Sony Music and Entertainment and Universal Music Canada.

Gentec will offer every major title from Universal, and some from Sony, with albums from iconic bands and artists like The Beatles, Miles Davis, Queen, and The Tragically Hip. Many of the classic albums are back-in-print, in pristine high-quality new pressings.

"With vinyl sales continuing to blossom in 2019,"says Gentec, "records have once again become a growing and essential part of the music retail landscape."

"This is a strategic addition to our premier turntable brand, Pro-Ject Audio that will enable a broad base of electronic retailers to offer the value-added experience of an extensive vinyl selection at the time of the hardware sale," says Joel Seigel, President of Gentec.

Founded in 1990, Gentec International distributes products in imaging, home theatre, personal electronics, sports optics, wireless telecom, and mobile electronics from a number of brands. The company is based in Markham, ON.

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Gentec International to Distribute Vinyl Records

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