Focal Launches New Kanta Speaker

Gordon Brockhouse

Published: 10/10/2017 01:52:43 PM EST in Sound

Focal Launches New Kanta Speaker

At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, held last week in Denver, CO, the French audio manufacturer Focal unveiled the first model in its new Kanta series of loudspeakers. Priced in Canada at $11,999 per pair, the Kanta No2 is a three-way four-driver floor-stander employing a newly designed beryllium tweeter and flax-cone woofers and midrange driver.

KantaThe 1" beryllium "IAL 3" tweeter combines elements of Focal's Infinite Acoustic Loading and Infinite Horn Loading, which help reduce the tweeter's resonant frequency. Above the tweeter is a 6.5" flax midrange driver, and below it are dual 6.5" flax woofers. The flax sandwich cones combine low mass, high rigidity and excellent damping, Focal says.

The front baffle is made from moulded mono-bloc high-density polymer. This material is 70% denser and 15% more rigid than MDF, Focal says; and damping is 25% better. The curved baffle aligns the drivers so that they're all equidistant from the listener's ears. The Kanta No2 has both rear and front ports; the design limits dynamic compression in bass frequencies, Focal says.

As you'd expect from Focal, the Kanta No2 is drop-dead gorgeous. Purchasers can choose between high-gloss black and wood veneer cabinets. With the high-gloss version, there are four high-gloss options for the front panel: Carrara White, Gauloise Blue, Solar Yellow and Black Laquer. For the wood version, four matte finishes are available for the front panel: Ivory, Warm Taupe, Gauloise Blue and Dark Grey.

The Kanta No2 is now available in Canada from Plurison, Focal's Canadian distributor.

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Focal Launches New Kanta Speaker

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