Fitbit OS 4.1 Adds Better Heart Rate Tracking, More Features

Christine Persaud

Published: 11/18/2019 09:43:17 AM EST in Mobile

Fitbit OS 4.1 Adds Better Heart Rate Tracking, More Features

Fitbit's latest software update, OS 4.1, adds a host of new features, including improved heart rate tracking, sleep tools like smart wake, and a new wellness program and workouts within Fitbit Premium.

With the release of OS 4.1, Fitbit Versa 2 will boast an enriched always-on display mode, expanded capabilities for Amazon Alexa Built-in, and a new advanced heart rate algorithm featuring the best tracking yet. You'll also get 6+ days of battery life.

Those with a Fitbit Premiuum membership can enjoy a new personal wellness report, developed in consultation with leading medical professionals from institutions like University of California, Los Angeles and University of California, San Francisco. In addition, over the coming months, Fitbit will be rolling out new programs, challenges and wellness content, plus workouts from popular brands like Daily Burn, Down Dog, Gaiam, POPSUGAR, and Whil.

"Staying motivated to maintain your health and fitness routine is really hard around the holidays," says James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit. "We're focused on making it more achievable through a combination of affordable devices, engaging software and our Premium membership to help you stay on track. The new FitbitOS update and added Premium features give users even more support with innovative smartwatch tools, fresh workouts, new programs and more, setting users up for success going into the new year."

OS 4.1 will update the Versa 2 as well as the Versa family of smartwatches and the Fitbit Ionic. Smart wake is a silent on-device alarm you can set to wake you with subtle vibrations at an optimal time in your sleep cycle so you can start your day feeling more refreshed. You'll also receive your nightly Sleep Score on-device, giving you a glanceable view of the quality of your night's rest alongside all of your sleep stats and data.

A new agenda app will help you manage your daily schedule on-the-go. One of the most requested updates, the new clock face switcher lets you store up to five of your favourite clock faces from nearly 4,000 available in the Fitbit App Gallery directly on-device so you can quickly and easily swap clock faces to match your outfit, your activity or mood. A new five-star rating system has been updated within the Fitbit App Gallery, allowing users to rate and recommend their favourite apps and clock faces with the Fitbit user community.

Specific to Versa 2 users, Fitbit is offering five additional clock face options. Now in color, these feature full health and fitness stats, with faster transitions between always-on and active views, all powered by the device's AMOLED display, touting a 2+ day battery life.

Amazon Alexa Built-in functionality has also been expanded for Versa 2 users so you can use your voice to start any of the now 20 exercises from your wrist. For example, you can ask Alexa to start a run with Fitbit and automatically start tracking against your personal fitness goals and daily activities.
Known for long battery life across all its devices, when you do finally need to charge, a new feature will kick-in to notify you when your battery is running low and automatically disable select features so your smartwatch can stay on your wrist.

These updates, along with the full suite of Versa 2 features like 24/7 heart rate tracking, connected GPS, swimproof design, the Spotify app, and Fitbit Pay are available across all Fitbit smartwatches.

An advanced heart rate algorithm uses machine learning to deliver better tracking; Fitbit's advanced 24/7 PurePulse heart rate tracking keeps users motivated and informed with an easy way to track your heart rate throughout the day. The technology also powers essential Fitbit features, such as Sleep Stages and Cardio Fitness Score, that provide you with deeper insights into your overall health and fitness.

The new PurePulse algorithm, designed in-house by Fitbit R&D experts, uses machine learning to recognize the unique signature of heart rate in the optical sensor, leading to higher accuracy overall.

In addition to a new wellness report and an expanded library of new workouts from third parties, the paid Fitbit Premium membership will also include more motivational tools like new guided programs and activity challenges over the next few months to help support and guide you in reaching your unique health goals. With the new, personalized wellness report, you can view an in-depth analysis of your Fitbit activity, sleep, heart rate, and weight trend data for the previous 30 days or past year for long-time users. You can share this with your healthcare professional, personal trainer, or nutritionist to review your health trends over time, to better identify a potential health issue or help manage ongoing conditions. The reports were developed in consultation with a variety of clinicians and incorporates feedback from leading medical professionals from UCLA and UCSF.

Premium's library of thousands of workouts has also expanded with exciting new offerings from popular brands. This includes a variety of workouts from the energetic and motivational trainers at Daily Burn and POPSUGAR, alongside yoga sessions from Down Dog and Yoga Studio by Gaiam focused on strength, flexibility, balance and restoration. Premium members also gain access to a new "mindfulness" section in the Discover tab of the Fitbit app, with a variety of mindfulness and meditation sessions and mini-courses from Whil, as well as breathing exercises and soothing audio tracks designed to help you wind down and get ready for bed.

Premium continues to add new programs, like Kick Your Salt Habit and Habits for Restful Sleep, designed to provide additional support and motivation along your health and wellness journey. New adaptive, collaborative and customizable challenges and games are coming to Premium in the next few months. These include an All for One challenge to work with your family and friends toward a shared goal, a Custom Challenge where you choose a specific activity and duration to compete against, and an interactive game of Get Fit Bingo where the first to complete a row or pattern of activities wins.

FitbitOS 4.1 will begin rolling out to Fitbit smartwatch users the first week of December. Fitbit Premium members can already access and enjoy many of the latest updates, with the rest rolling out on an ongoing basis in the coming months.

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Fitbit OS 4.1 Adds Better Heart Rate Tracking, More Features

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