Dynaudio Reveals Custom Sub RCC and Special Control Software

Christine Persaud

Published: 09/17/2019 06:50:01 AM EST in Sound

Dynaudio Reveals Custom Sub RCC and Special Control Software

At CEDIA Expo, which wrapped up last week in Denver, CO, Danish loudspeaker company Dynaudio showcased its Custom Sub RCC and special control software for Elan, Control4, and Crestron systems.

The Dynaudio Sub RCC (Reaction Cancelling Configuration) complements its Performance and Studio custom-installation loudspeaker ranges. The discreet subwoofer is designed to offer additional low-frequency extension to any audio system while facilitating high-performance 2.1 or surround setups without the issues commonly associated with many in-wall subs.

It achieves extreme bass performance within a compact form factor, says Dynaudio, and can be installed in walls, ceilings, or even floors, with no back-box necessary.

The RCC topology uses two sets of opposed drivers working together to eliminate unwanted vibration transmission, leaving only the desirable acoustic energy behind. Featuring one-piece construction, the Sub RCC is easy to ship and retrofit because there is no back-box to add to its size or the expense of transport.

It mounts on the wall surface or into a standard 2x4 stud-bay before or after construction. As a passive subwoofer design with no complex crossovers, it comes in a rigid, compact, and low-resonance one-piece extruded aluminum enclosure design. The adaptive bass limitation guarantees zero overload, and frequency response is (+/- 3dB): 16Hz - 160Hz.

Amplification is provided by U.S. specialist AudioControl. The RS 500 DSP-controlled unit is precisely matched and tuned out of the box for the Sub RCC with Dynaudio EQs and limiters. Installers can also tweak the unit's graphic EQ if needed. For more flexibility, each amp can power two Sub RCC units.

Dynaudio has also teamed up with U.K.-based custom-install software house Intrinsic Dev. The company has created bespoke zone-control drivers that enable full integration of Dynaudio's Music intelligent wireless speakers and Connect wireless transmitter with Elan Control4, and Crestron Systems. A driver for Savant will follow later in the year. The Music wireless speaker adapts to both its position in the room as well as ambient noise levels.

Designed specifically for Dynaudio's high-end active speakers, Connect allows users to send the device a lossless digital signal and connect Dynaudio's Xeo and Focus XD loudspeakers wirelessly and in multiple zones.

Dynaudio's Performance series also debuted at the show, designed to deliver high-quality sound in distributed audio and media rooms as well as other architectural audio applications. The new high-end slimline product family comprises six in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and a special fire-resistant back-box. All of the new speakers use the same technologies and go through the same expert tuning process as Dynaudio's home, professional and in-car systems.

Also on display at the show was Dynaudio Outdoor models, the OW6 and OW8, which are IP65-rated for protection against water and dust, and feature a special UV-resistant finish (available in black or white). They can be used in 8ohm mode with a conventional power amplifier or be linked in with a 70/100V system thanks to the built-in transformer. An articulating mounting bracket is included.

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Dynaudio Reveals Custom Sub RCC and Special Control Software

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