David's Take: Sony 55X950G Review - The Best Without Going Overboard

David Susilo

Published: 08/28/2019 01:48:15 PM EST in Vision

David's Take: Sony 55X950G Review - The Best Without Going Overboard

I had the chance to check out the Sony Bravia X950G 4K LED TV. Here's my take.


Sony's Bravia TVs are almost always sleek and elegant, but the X950G manages to add extra panache. When viewing from the front, you'll see that the TV's nearly bezel-less design has metallic borders and a wide chin below the screen, with the same metal finish in a different shade. The back side is made of black plastic, with a textured surface and matte finish.

Matching this look are two attached metal stand feet with a dark, brushed finish. The set of stands using two L-shaped feet provides a fairly sturdy base.

The stand also has built-in cable management, helping you keep the cables behind the TV to a minimum. The feet point out at an angle, requiring a sizeable footprint if you choose to set the TV up on a table or a shelf in an entertainment unit. I still prefer Sony's previous choice of having one big foot in the middle of the TV, but with these new feet, you can put a soundbar underneath the TV more easily.


The Sony X950G is an impressive 4K TV with great picture quality. It can display deep-enough blacks in a dark room thanks to the high native contrast ratio and full array local dimming support. It can get very bright and delivers great HDR performance full of bright, vivid highlights.

It has excellent motion handling, due to a nearly-instantaneous response time that makes the image look crisp and leaves fast-moving objects with very little blur trail. The input lag is very low at 22ms, which makes it an excellent choice for gamers that are looking for a very responsive TV. Unfortunately, just like most VA panels, it has narrow viewing angles and those seated off to the sides will not experience the same great picture quality.

Overall, backlighting appears to be very consistent, but I was disappointed to see some pretty distinct shadowing in the corners of the screen. This is a common flaw on most LED TVs, but the shadowing was particularly noticeable with this set, especially when viewed against bright backgrounds such as a blue sky.

Colour quality is very good, thanks to the TV's 10-bit colour support, especially when dealing with similar shades of colour. While many TVs struggle with distinctions between similar colours, such as shades of red and shades of blue, the X950G displays different tones that are distinct and clear without blending into each other. Accuracy is also pretty good with an average Delta E of 2.5 with relatively flat error rate across the spectrum making the error less visible than with other brands.

I tested the 55" model of the X950G, which does not have the 'X-Wide Angle' technology; the 75" and 85" are said to have better viewing angles at the slight expense of contrast ratio.


If you're looking for an LED backlit TV, this one checks most of the important boxes. From full array backlight with local dimming, the best upscaling engine on the market, and amazing out of the box accuracy with near-perfect post calibrated colour accuracy, this TV has it all without the need to go overboard in pricing. The 55" is about $1,700, with pricing going up to $7,000 for the 85" model.

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David's Take: Sony 55X950G Review - The Best Without Going Overboard

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