D&H Develops Task Force & Proactive Strategies To Help Partners Meet New Demand For Collaborative Tech

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Published: 04/07/2020 02:45:13 PM EST in COVID-19

D&H Develops Task Force & Proactive Strategies To Help Partners Meet New Demand For Collaborative Tech

As work-from-home requirements spike due to COVID-19, D&H Distributing has developed different strategies to supports its partners as they work to meet the influx of technology needs in the face of COVID-19.

This includes the establishment of a Mini Task Force to develop relevant solutions that will help end-companies transition their employees to work-from-home environments, in addition to creating bundles for students and teachers to continue their educational instruction programs remotely. A message from D&H's co-presidents can be found at www.dandh.ca/covid-19. D&H has dedicated an e-mail address, partnerpriority@dandh.com, to escalate any urgent partner inquiries as well.

D&H itself has converted its staff to virtual work environments, outfitting 98% of its co-owner personnel to work from home within a three-day period, and transitioning its upcoming technology conferences to a virtual THREADcast format.

"We're seeing high demand among our partners for collaborative technologies including hardware, software, cloud-based infrastructures, and services in order to quickly equip their customers for telecommuting," says Dan Schwab, Co-President at D&H Distributing. "Those partners are working hard to meet this new demand, while dealing with the stresses of mitigating the virus in their own offices and personal lives. D&H is committed to providing the resources, solutions, and services that will help them accomplish this. Our teams have literally been available 24/7 for partners to help with product needs."

"D&H Canada has made it our priority to support our partners as they outfit critical organizations such as healthcare companies, schools, and government agencies that haven't previously incorporated remote and work-from-home technologies," added Tom Guagliardi, D&H's Vice President, Sales and Vendor Management, Canada. "Demand has been high and urgent, and our team has been focused on meeting it. We're in a position to work with our channel partners to help implement business continuity throughout Canada, keeping many organizations on their feet and running."

"D&H has consistently delivered vital support to the marketplace for 102 years, including through a long list of global emergencies," Schwab continues. "The solution provider, dealer, and retailer community can rely on us to help facilitate their goals and provide a seamless partner experience. D&H has the history, the competency, and the business continuity investments in place to overcome adversity, even of this magnitude. Our partners have been asked to keep the greater business community functional through the deployment of robust solutions, and that effort can only reduce the long-term economic effect of these events. We're proud of the invaluable role the channel has been called upon to play in helping to address the repercussions of this crisis, and we're dedicated to supporting them."

During this period of social distancing, D&H is working closely with manufacturers to increase availability of key in-demand product categories, including personal computing products, displays, networking solutions, storage and server infrastructure, security, unified communications solutions, and peripherals and accessories.

D&H's Sales Specialists will help resellers create turn-key solutions integrating hardware, software, and cloud solutions to quickly enable their end-customers/ businesses to improve efficiency and maximize the value of their new work from home environments. D&H Canada's DaaS offering gives resellers more flexibility and allows businesses to move unexpected IT purchases to monthly payments to ease the short-term capital burden.

D&H is creating product bundles to guide partners in the sale of collaboration solutions which will incorporate mobile, cloud, and security solutions from leading vendors such as Cisco, Poly, HPI, HPE, Lenovo and more. Key customer targets will include a remote student/teacher bundle and a telemedicine bundle.

D&H Canada is introducing new educational initiatives to help inform resellers on key technology solutions that enable businesses to work from home productively and securely. Education and training opportunities are being delivered through media such as online Solutions Lab sessions, webinars, and on-demand video content, available at dandh.ca/solutionslab.

The company is working to ensure partners have the resources, training, and products to simplify how resellers address the current disruption in the marketplace.

D&H is also finalizing a checklist to help partners ask the right questions and compile comprehensive, requisite information for each project, so they can quickly move forward with installations.

D&H is looking to support and assist partners through this crisis, allowing them to do the same for their business customers, in hopes of helping everyone in the channel mitigate the business impact of the Coronavirus quarantines.

Partners can call (800) 340-1008 to speak to a D&H account representative, or visit www.dandh.ca for information.

Dan Schwab, Co-President at D&H Distributing

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D&H Develops Task Force & Proactive Strategies To Help Partners Meet New Demand For Collaborative Tech

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