D&H Canada Sees 18 Per Cent Revenue Growth for 2018, Plans for More Customer Engagement in 2019

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/16/2019 08:43:20 AM EST in Industry

D&H Canada Sees 18 Per Cent Revenue Growth for 2018, Plans for More Customer Engagement in 2019

D&H Canada says it has sustained close to an 18% revenue increase in its 2018 calendar year, surpassing most industry growth figures in several key categories, including server solutions, components, storage, networking, and power protection products.

D&H Canada expects similar growth throughout 2019, with ongoing success tied to the organization's overall focus on emerging technologies combined with ongoing support on its core offerings. In addition, D&H will maintain its emphasis on new relationships and offerings, such as its recent agreement to partner with Intel in Canada.

D&H Canada saw significant year-over-year revenue gains in categories such as: 75.2% growth in server solutions; 42.1% growth in power conditioning and back-up solutions; 37.5 % growth in data storage products; 28.4% growth in networking products; and 21.4% growth in computer components.

The distributor's performance in these areas surpasses the national growth average in each of those respective categories, according to figures from global industry analyst firm NPD. The firm reports overall growth for these categories at less than 10% each, with areas such as networking and data storage experiencing less than 4% growth this year.

As D&H Canada moves into 2019, the company plans to increase its customer engagement investments and market presence through new training opportunities to be offered across various provinces. This directive was motivated by requests from its reseller base to bring D&H's value-added educational sessions to cities beyond Canada's larger metropolitan regions. Training events and their locations will be announced in Q1 of 2019, and will be delivered via both live events and interactive sessions via collaborative technology.

"D&H Canada has achieved notable milestones in 2018, including the addition of major product families from Cisco and Intel," says Roy Rivers, D&H Canada's Vice President of Sales. "We have a lot to be proud of.

"As we move into 2019," he continues, "we have our eyes on extending D&H's training regimens to more remote geographies, engaging new customer groups, and delivering tools and services to resellers who otherwise might not have immediate access to in-depth technology training. Our commitment to providing comprehensive support to the independent VAR is what has helped us consistently outperform the general marketplace."

D&H customers can contact their representatives at 1-800-340-1008, or visit dandh.ca for more information.



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D&H Canada Sees 18 Per Cent Revenue Growth for 2018, Plans for More Customer Engagement in 2019

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