Consumer Law Group Takes on Amazon With Class Action Re Sales Tax

Christine Persaud

Published: 03/27/2017 07:38:04 AM EST in Industry

Consumer Law Group Takes on Amazon With Class Action Re Sales Tax

Consumer Law Group is taking on the behemoth that is Amazon with a Canadian class action lawsuit with regards to the charge of sales tax on items where sales tax should not have been charged, alleges the firm.

The filing of the proposed Canadian class action lawsuit is on behalf of consumers who purchased certai goods from Amazon and were charged sales tax like GST, HST, PST, QST, and/or RST when no such sales tax was due under Canadian and/or provincial legislation.

Goods that would be exempt from such sales tax include those that are classified as Zero-Rated Supplies (0%) tax, non-taxable, and/or tax-exempt from sales tax. They might include items like basic groceries, certain baby supplies, and other similar products.

The class action alleges that Amazon has been arbitrarily and inconsistently charging and collecting sales tax on Zero-Rated Supplies; and misrepresenting that sales tax is due under federal and/or provincial legislation, when it is not.

Consumer Law Group further alleges that the presence of the undue sales tax is exceptionally inconspicuous, in that in order for a customer to realize the overcharge they would need to closely inspect their invoice; be an expert in sales tax law; and use complex calculations.

"People should be entitled to trust that when a merchant, especially one as large as Amazon, charges them sales tax on a purchase, that such amounts are actually due under the applicable tax legislation," says Jeff Orenstein, one of the attorneys at Consumer Law Group. It is the responsibility of sellers to familiarize themselves with the tax laws of the country and of the provinces in which they choose to operate."

The class action seeks damages in the amount of the undue sales tax, interest on the money that was collected unlawfully, and punitive damages.

Consumer Law Group is also urging anyone who believes that they may have paid undue sales tax to Amazon to join the class action and tell their story by completing the form at the law firm's website

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Consumer Law Group Takes on Amazon With Class Action Re Sales Tax

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