Check Out the Latest Issue Of WiFi HiFi Magazine Online!

Christine Persaud

Published: 08/26/2019 07:20:01 AM EST in Feature Articles

Check Out the Latest Issue Of WiFi HiFi Magazine Online!

The latest issue of WiFi HiFi Magazine, the August/September 2019 edition, is now available for download online! Here's what you'll find in this issue:





Short Bits

Our regular column highlighting hot new gadgets, gizmos, and AV gear, this month, we look at gear for enjoying music, gaming, and more, plus our recommendation for what to binge watch (the show is an absolute must-see!)

The WiFi HiFi Guide to Buying the Right TV

How many times has a friend, family member, or customer asked you "what TV should I get?" There are so many factors that can influence the decision, and this handy guide walks you through some of the key considerations.

Woodstock's Music Technology at 50

A landmark event in music, even if it wasn't known to be at the time, Woodstock brought together thousands of music fans in 1969 to enjoy performances from bands and musicians that have since become icons. But how was the audio approached back then for a concert of such magnitude compared to today? We take a look behind the stage.

It's Golden! 50 Years Ago, What Was 1969 Consumer Tech Like?

Several tech companies are celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year, so we decided to look back at tech in 1969 to see what was hot a half a century ago.

Talking Shop

Our regular column that covers the internal happenings of the Canadian consumer tech industry and retail business. This month, we cover topics like The ReSource Group's 25th anniversary, Mobile Klinik getting funding and acquiring another shop, and lots of industry personnel appointments and partnership news.

Hands-on Review: Kanto TUK Active Speakers

After first seeing the TUK at CES 2018, the author was anxious to get his hands on the speakers, which are now officially available, to try out in his home. Did they live up to the expectations once he was able to hear them in his controlled environment?

Getting Personal

Facing tremendous adversity throughout his life, Kevin Main, President of Torus Power, talks about his journey, immense love for his family, and passion for his long and exciting career in AV. Bonus: read this article, with additional photos, in the feature news section at

WiFi HiFi On The Scene

We were out and about this month. Check out some of the events we attended, and products, launches, and special events we covered through the summer.

Click here to download the issue in an easy-to-read page-flippable format; or to export it as a PDF.

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Check Out the Latest Issue Of WiFi HiFi Magazine Online!

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