Canadians Want to Use Mobile Grocery Coupons, But Aren't

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/30/2015 10:10:33 AM EST in Mobile

Canadians Want to Use Mobile Grocery Coupons, But Aren't

While Canadians are excited at the idea of using their smartphones and the Web to enhance the grocery shopping experience, many of them are not actually doing it.

According to a study by global market intelligence agency Mintel, only 13% of Canadian consumers have used a smartphone app to comparison shop at a grocery store, and only 12% have actually shopped for groceries online. However, 49% say they are interested in the ability to redeem coupons and/or promotions using smartphone apps.

While 71% of Canadian consumers have shopped online for other merchandise, 88% have never shopped for groceries online. What's more, 68% have no intention of ever buying their groceries online.

"Our research indicates resistance to grocery shopping online stems primarily from concerns around the freshness of products," says Carol Wong-Li, Senior Lifestyles and Leisure Analyst at Mintel. "However, there is hope for the offering as a fifth of shoppers are interested in making a grocery purchase online, while not having done so to date."

Among those 12% who have bought groceries online, there is interest in ordering groceries online again with 8% of them.

Not surprisingly, those most interested in buying groceries online include the young, and those with families. Twenty-six per cent of those under the age of 45 are interested in shopping for groceries online, 28% of parents with children in the household, 25% of those who come from households with three or more people, and 24% of those who are employed.

So who's the most likely person to buy groceries online? According to Mintel's data, it's those age 25-34 (21%), Asian Canadians (24%), and parents with children under 18 in the household (18%).

The click-and-collect concept, where shoppers buy online and pick-up in-store, is generating value for many as it combines the ease of online shopping with the need to see/touch items on the shopper's own timeline," says Wong-Li. "This is important for 44 per cent of consumers who want to be able to buy things online and pick it up in-store."

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Canadians Want to Use Mobile Grocery Coupons, But Aren't

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