CES 2020: Plume Adds Home Motion-Detection Service

Frank Lenk

Published: 01/08/2020 03:39:38 PM EST in Frank Lenk

CES 2020: Plume Adds Home Motion-Detection Service

Plume has added new advanced motion detection capabilities to its suite of smart home services.

Motion detection powered by Wi-Fi is tha latest value-added service delivered via the Plume platform. The new system uses Wi-Fi radio signals to detect motion in rooms. The system works using Plume's existing hardware, including SuperPod or compatible OpenSync nodes and connected IoT devices around the home.

The new service will be able to alert users when family members enter or leave the house, auto-enable alerts when users are away, and let users know about expected or unexpected motion in the home. According to Plume, the system can even identify pets so they don't create false alarms.

Plume's open-source software platform, OpenSync, will enable the new motion-detection service to become a seamless part of whole-home awareness and sensing. It joins Plume's existing Adaptive WiFi, HomePass and AI Security services.

"This new motion detection application can be deployed through a software update and gives new purpose to existing connected devices," stated Avery Lewis, Product Lead, Plume. "This is possible because the Plume platform is designed to evolve, allowing new services to launch to millions of homes via our cloud-based infrastructure. Plume represents a complete shift in the way people think about IoT, and a huge value-add for Internet Service Providers who have a platform on which to keep innovating."

The new service is scheduled to become available to all Plume users on February 27, as part of their membership, with no need for new hardware.

See previous coverage of Plume in our Stand-Out Products of CES 2020 article.

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CES 2020: Plume Adds Home Motion-Detection Service

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