CES 2019: Ventev Mobile watchdock duo Charges the Apple Watch and Smartphone Simultaneously

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/07/2019 11:00:02 AM EST in CES 2019

CES 2019: Ventev Mobile watchdock duo Charges the Apple Watch and Smartphone Simultaneously

Ventev Mobile is debuting its Spring 2019 line-up of wireless chargers at CES 2019, including models for the home, office, and car. Among the new products is the wireless watchdock duo, a wireless charger that fuels the Apple Watch and a smartphone at the same time.

"Consumers love wireless charging, but they usually have more than one device," says Scott Franklin, Director of Marketing at Ventev Mobile. "They're looking for accessories that let them charge everything in one place, and they want that place to blend into their home's décor or car's interior without sacrificing convenience and power."

The two-in-one wireless watchdock duo cradles the Apple Watch around its base, with a flat top that powers up a smartphone. By adding the Apple Watch's in-box charger to the base, both devices are charged at their fastest rates. The wireless watchdock duo comes bundled with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger and a USB-A→USB-C cable. It will be available for an MSRP of US$50.

The wireless chargepad duo delivers a total of 20 watts across two phones simultaneously, up to 10 watts to each device, allowing each phone to charge at its fastest possible rate. It includes a soft, gray cloth cover, and will sell for MSRP US$60.

The revamped wireless car kit (MSRP US$50) has spring-loaded clips to enable one-handed docking, while being firm and secure to ensure phones stay in place. The wireless car kit now includes a soft cloth cradle. It mounts to your air vents so the phone doesn't block your windshield, while its unobtrusive clip ensures that air flows properly. The kit comes bundled with the dock, vent clip, a premium chargesync USB-A→USB-C cable, and Quick Charge 3.0 car charger.

Each Ventev wireless charging product is certified and universally compatible with any charging technology, including Qi and Fast Wireless Charging.

In addition to these new wireless charging products, Ventev announced two new car chargers and two new wall chargers that allow users to take advantage of the latest charging technology.

The wallport q1270 and dashport q1270 both offer 27 watts of power and compatibility with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+, along with backward compatibility with previous Quick Charge generations and USB Power Delivery. With only five minutes of charging, users can gain five hours of battery life.

The wallport pd1180 and dashport pd1180 support USB Power Delivery featured on the newest Apple and Google devices, offering 18 watt charging profiles.

In cables, the newest addition to the line is the chargesync helix cable, a springy, coiled cable that comes with Apple Lightning and USB-C connectors, and features a soft braided cable cover.

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CES 2019: Ventev Mobile watchdock duo Charges the Apple Watch and Smartphone Simultaneously

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