CES 2019: New Onkyo AV Receivers Deliver 3D Audio

Frank Lenk

Published: 01/07/2019 04:24:50 PM EST in CES 2019

CES 2019: New Onkyo AV Receivers Deliver 3D Audio

Onkyo USA today announced two new AV receivers capable of producing an immersive 3D soundstage using most any speaker setup.

The TX-SR494 AV Receiver is a 7.2-channel model delivering 160W/channel. The TX-SR393 AV Receiver is a 5.2-channel model, delivering 155W/channel. Both units are capable of producing "an immersive 3D soundstage" via Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer (to be enabled in a future firmware update) and DTS Virtual:X, without additional surround or height speakers.

The Onkyo TX-SR393 is described as "a space-saving 3.2.2-channel solution," to native Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It can produce 5.2-channel or 3.2.2-channel surround sound. The TX-SR494 expands object-based playback into 5.2.2 channels. It can produce 7.2-channel, 5.2.2-channel or 5.2-channel surround sound - the latter with either Front L/R Bi-Amping or Powered Zone B audio distribution. Users with speakers in a second room can listen to any AVR audio source simultaneously in Main and Zone B.

Discrete high-current analog amplification is baced by a High-Current Low-Noise Power Transformer, and large audio-grade capacitors. This provides 4-ohm simultaneous speaker driving capacity.

Both receivers feature 4 HDMI inputs and one ARC-enabled output with pass-through support for 4K/60p and HDR (Dobly Vision, HDR10, HLG and BT.2020), along with 4:4:4 color sub-sampling. Each also includes optical and coaxial digital audio inputs and RCA analog audio inputs, as well as Bluetooth input for streaming from smartphone or PC.

New features on these to receivers include DSP-based Vocal Enhancer, which allows vocal frequencies to be raised or lowered via remote control or front-panel buttons, to clarify movie or TV dialog. Also, Zone B line-out can pass audio signals, including HDMI and digital audio, to a component such as a nearby hi-fi system or wireless headphone dock, via analog RCA input.

An overlay OSD information window can be uses to view details such as HDR format, video resolution, framerate and audio codec, allowing users to verify that content is playing as desired.

AccuEQ Room Acoustic Calibration detects speaker presence, size and distance from a measurement point. It optimizes sound-pressure levels, and selects the best subwoofer crossover and EQs all speakers. AccuReflex technology optimizes 3D audio reproduction through Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, resolving phase-shift that may arise from path differences between directional and non-directional sounds.

The Advanced Music Optimizer helps restore compressed audio files. A USB power output supports network streaming sticks.

The Onkyo TX-SR494 and TX-SR393 will be available in February for $599.99 CAD and $479.99 CAD, respectively. Both are on display at CES in the Onkyo USA demo rooms at the Venetian, Bassano rooms #2602-2603.

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CES 2019: New Onkyo AV Receivers Deliver 3D Audio

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