CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 3 Highlights

David Susilo

Published: 09/08/2017 11:30:01 AM EST in Sound

CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 3 Highlights

Another CEDIA Expo is coming to a close. Before you head home to digest all of the great information you acquired at the show and share it with your team, here are a few more products that are worth a look.

NAD Goes Atmos

After a long wait, NAD finally released a couple of Atmos receivers at CEDIA 2017, and I'm particularly impressed with the 777 v3 receiver ($3,499). It offers unique features, like NAD's Modular Design Construction for future upgrades, the Speaker IQ speaker set up algorithm, Dirac Live room correction, and BluOS high-resolution audio streaming, all in one box that contains a true power 80 wpc (all channels driven) receiver. Also included is NAD's proprietary EARS system, which turns any two-channel signal into surround mode, but without the usual fake-surround artifacts.

Samsung The Frame

One of the products that wins my CEDIA 2017 award is Samsung's The Frame UHD TV. Shown at an event in Toronto last month, and first revealed at CES in January, The Frame is designed to be used not only as a TV, but also a photo and artwork frame when it's turned "off." With the downloadable app, user can browse through and download artwork from Samsung's library (for a subscription or per-use fee). Pieces are curated by several international organizations, galleries and museums, including Artspace, Lumas, Magnum Photos, Saatchi Art and Sedition. Alternatively, you can use your own photos, and add different frames and setups, including showcasing several photos at once, for example. As a frame, this TV can show artwork and photos in amazing realism. The TV itself comes with a black frame, or you can upgrade to others, like walnut and oak, for $250-$300 more. The Frame comes in 55" and 65" sizes for $2,700 and $3,800, respectively in Canada. Artwork is $27 ea., or pay $8/mo. for monthly rentals. Other options: a 15-foot Invisible extension cable is $200, and a tripod stand to create a "Studio TV" look versus wall mounting the TV, for an additional $800.

Pro Audio Technology DMA-1508 8 Channel Amp

Featuring the latest PRO power and DSP technology, the DMA-1508B amplifier provides eight channels of clean power and balanced analog audio inputs with matching looping outputs, all in a tiny-sized one-rack unit (1U) and fan-less chassis. The DMA-1508B uses PRO's proprietary SoundTools DSP control software, which allows high resolution digital signal processing for loudspeaker filtering and EQ, signal routing, user gain and delay adjustments, and up to eight user parametric EQ filters per channel. Flexible by design, the DMA-1508B features two 300W channels, plus six 100W channels natively.

JVC 5th Generation eShift Technology

This year, JVC celebrates the 20th anniversary of its DILA technology. To coincide with the anniversary, the company released three new projectors using the latest eShift 5 technology. If my previous experiences with eShift versions 1 through 4 are any indication, the fifth generation will once again offer a leap in technological advancement. You'd be hard pressed to notice the difference between eShift 5 and a true 4K chip, other than by pausing and having the image of those two projectors shown side by side. The new projectors are the X790, X790 and X590, with the X790 being the top-of-the-line model. Canadian pricing is TBD, but it should not be much different than the current models that are being replaced.

JVC also celebrated the DILA milestone with the release of a version of its DLA-20LTD projector, finished in red. There's no news, however, on if JVC will be bringing the red 20th anniversary edition projector to Canada.

Seura Storm Ultra Bright 4K Displays

Standard flat-panel TVs, regardless of technology, are never meant to be installed outdoors. Not only will the elements render the electronics useless due to moisture and temperature changes, but the brightness level and the type of screen used will make viewing difficult under bright conditions. There are, however, TVs made specifically for outdoor use. Seura's Storm Ultra Bright 4K displays offer brightness up to 1,000 nits (about 50% brighter than the competition) and use anti-glare safety glass. The 84" model comes in at $25,000, which is surprisingly in line with many high-end 84" 4K TVs that are designed strictly for indoor use. I say surprising since outdoor TVs are usually much more expensive than their indoor counterparts.

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CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 3 Highlights

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