CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 2 Highlights

David Susilo

Published: 09/07/2017 10:30:01 AM EST in Electronics

CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 2 Highlights

There was plenty more to see on the second day of CEDIA Expo 2017, which is currently underway in San Diego, CA. Here are some highlights.

LG Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Laser is the way to go. The 10,000 hours lamp time is the answer for daily viewing. This year, LG is showcasing the HF85JA ProBeam. It's a full HD 1,080p ultra short throw laser projector capable of displaying a 100" image with just 4.7" between the device and the wall. In addition, the unit offers up to 1,500 ANSI lumen of brightness and a contrast ratio of 150,000:1. Alas, there is no pricing information available yet, but I already have my eye on one for my bedroom.

Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller

Most switchers on the market are commercial grade, but not necessarily videophile/audiophile grade. Fret no more, as Meridian has introduced the 271 Digital Theatre Controller. The 271 allows technology integrators to provide the best immersive, hi-res audio for home theatre, with the ability to integrate any analog or digital AV processor or receiver with Meridian's DSP loudspeakers. It's the perfect option for Atmos, Auro3D, and DTS:X immersive audio systems, offering 16 unbalanced inputs, 16 balanced inputs, and the option of 16 digital inputs. Pricing starts at US$2,000 and includes a five-year warranty.

Techlogix SMPC Presentation Cables

Laptops come with various video outputs, like USB, mini HDMI, and Display Port, to name a few. So how can an office keep track of which adapter it needs to have? Get them all (and all chained together) from Techlogix. SMPC Presenter Cables eliminate lost HDMI adapters, late meetings, and missed presentations by locking various HDMI adapters directly onto the HDMI cable. Eleven different stock models provide connectivity for DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, USB-C, mini-HDMI, micro-HDMI, DVI & Lightning devices. I recommend getting the entire set for every presentation room.

Installation is simple: connect one end of the SMPC cable to your display or HDMI input port, and connect the other end of the cable to your presentation device using HDMI or the built-in adapters. Adapters quickly connect and disconnect for integration with numerous devices, and built-in strain relief protects output video ports.

TechLogix SMPC Presenter Cables ensure you always have the right connector for your laptop, tablet, or other portable presentation device. They're a must have for every meeting room, conference room and lecture hall.

Monoprice THX Certified Subwoofers

It was quite a surprise when I saw that Monoprice, the company known for value pricing, was unveiling a line of THX-certified subwoofers under its Monolith series. The new Monolith THX Subwoofer series includes three models, each featuring a Texas Instruments 48-bit DSP engine that monitors transfer function, power output, and thermal conditions.

The Monolith 10" and 12" are THX Select-certified for rooms up to 2,000 cubic feet and features a 10" and 12" driver, respectively, and a Class D amplifier rated to deliver 500 watts RMS in a cabinet with a single and dual ports. Prices are US$500 and US$800, respectively. The Monolith 15" model is THX Ultra-certified for rooms up to 3,000 cubic feet and features a 15" driver and a Class D amplifier rated to deliver 1,000 watts RMS in a heavily-braced cabinet with three ports. Price is US$1,300.

For people like me, who prefer a sealed cabinet over a ported one, foam plugs are provided with each model so the sub can be operated in sealed mode.


I love DIRAC room correction. I wish there were more AVR companies using this room-mode correction software. Regardless, using DIRAC is somewhat of a hassle. You need to register the calibrated microphone, and you need a laptop for the calibration process.

Thankfully, DIRAC is releasing Mobile DIRAC LIVE. Instead of a microphone and a laptop, you can just use your mobile device. Further, the calibration process becomes much easier as step-by-step instructions are given while you're doing the calibration. The app is free to download although, of course, you will need a receiver that is compatible with Mobile DIRAC LIVE.

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CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 2 Highlights

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