CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 1 Highlights

David Susilo

Published: 09/06/2017 03:00:01 PM EST in Sound

CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 1 Highlights

CEDIA Expo 2017, the trade show for the custom integration and automation segment, is underway in San Diego, CA. And already several products and technologies are stand-outs. Here are our picks for some of the most enticing ones.

Barco Loki CinemaScope

I love Constant Image Height projected to my 21:9 screen. I love how immersive the image is and how I don't have to see black bars. However, up until now, this could only be achieved by zooming in a 16:9 projector which, in return, makes the picture have less contrast and brightness compared to when showing a 16:9 image.

Barco came up with a solution that mimics what I've been tweeting, posting, and discussing in various forums over the past decade: a natively 21:9 projector. This way, the contrast, brightness, even colours will be identical, regardless of if you're projecting a 16:9 image or a 21:9 image. And there's no need to zoom in and out and refocus every time you want to go from 16:9 to 21:9 (and vice versa). The Loki CinemaScope dual-laser 4K projector (shown above) has a price tag of GBP 52,000. Not bad for a dual-laser native 21:9 projector.

Sony VPL-VZ1000ES

This ultra short throw 4K laser projector is the successor of Sony's previous-generation $70,000 model. What caught my attention is that it is not only about half the size of the previous one, visibly brighter, and weighs about half of its predecessor, but it's also priced at half the cost, at $35,000. Just add a screen, or just your wall, then up to 120" of 4K image will be projected in front of you. The projector can also be housed in a Salamander custom rack, as shown in the picture.

Earthquake Tactile Transducers

Want bone rattling bass without waking up the entire household? Use tactile transducers (also known as bass shakers). I love them so much, I use one for each theatre seat in my home theatre.

Tactile transducers deliver outstanding effects through seats, platforms, gaming chairs and any other platform while accurately reproducing the feeling of many natural and man-made sounds - like natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados or man-made items such as rockets and guns; plus the most intricate sound effects and all styles of music. At $449, the Earthquake MQB-1 is a godsend.

Inneos Real4K Optical Adapter and Cables

Sending a full 18Gbps UHD signal is a pain. Sending it at distances of 600-3,000 feet? Impossible! The Inneos Real4K Optical Adapter and Cables have made it possible, however, by converting the HDMI signal into an optical signal and reverting it on the receiving end. This is done with zero compromise and zero compression of the signal, ensuring GIGO-accurate data transfer. The price tag is a rather hefty US$999 but oh my, this is the answer to many custom installers' prayers.

Leon Horizon FIT Soundbar

Sometimes a soundbar is all you need. Of course, you don't want to compromise the sonic fidelity of the program you're watching. Unlike any other product on the market, Leon's new patent-pending Horizon FIT soundbar provides high-fidelity audio with dedicated internal storage space to discreetly house small AV components such as Apple TV, Amazon Echo Dot, Roku, Leon's own OTO-MCA modular amp, and more. A custom-width grill completes the package, creating a clean, unified design aesthetic that perfectly integrates today's technologies into any space. Pricing depends on the configuration chosen.

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CEDIA Expo 2017: Day 1 Highlights

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