CEDIA Expo 2016: Paradigm Launches New Flagship Speaker Series

Gordon Brockhouse

Published: 09/16/2016 03:05:02 PM EST in CEDIA 2016

CEDIA Expo 2016: Paradigm Launches New Flagship Speaker Series

Paradigm Electronics Inc. has announced a new flagship series of loudspeakers. The signature feature of the new Persona series, which are manufactured at Paradigm's headquarters in Mississsauga, ON, is the use of beryllium diaphragms, not just for the tweeter, but the midrange driver as well.

Paradigm calls beryllium "the absolute best" material for loudspeaker diaphragms, noting that it is "exponentially stiffer and significantly lighter than other premium diaphragm materials," resulting in greatly enhanced detail, depth and dynamics. In front of each beryllium driver is a Perforated Phase-Aligning Driver Lens, which Paradigm says blocks out-of-phase frequencies for smoother output.

5FThe woofers all feature Paradigm's Active Ridge Technology, with ridged thermoplastic elastomer surrounds over-moulded onto the woofer cones. This dramatically increases excursion, resulting in a 3dB increase in maximum output, and lower distortion.

The line includes six full-range speakers: a bookshelf, centre channel, four passive floor-standers, and a floor-standing speaker with active bass section. All models have elegantly curved, heavily braced waveguide cabinets. The Persona C centre channel (US$7,500) has a 4" beryllium midrange driver and 1" beryllium dome tweeter. All the other full-range models employ 7" beryllium midrange drivers and 1" beryllium done tweeters.

The two-way Persona B bookshelf (US$3,500 each) uses a 7" beryllium mid-woofer. The floor-standers are all three-way designs. The Persona 3F (US$5,000) employs two 7" woofers, and the Persona 5F (US$6,500, shown at right) has three 7" woofers. The Persona 7F has two 8.5" bass drivers.

The top model, the Persona 9H (US$12,500) has four 8.5" bass drivers powered by dual Class D amplifier with 1,400 watts total output; and features Anthem Room Correction for optimizing bass output for the listening environment. Its midrange driver and tweeter have special motor designs to increase output and lower distortion.

Rounding out the line is the Persona Sub (US$6,500), which also features Anthem Room Correction. It employs six 8" drivers, and amplification delivering 1,700 watts of continuous power.

The entire series is available in four premium automotive finishes: High Gloss Black, High Gloss White, Metallic Blue, and Metallic Silver. Persona will begin shipping to exclusive Paradigm dealers in November.


CEDIA Expo 2016: Paradigm Launches New Flagship Speaker Series

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