Brian Cadle, Personable Rep & Former Hockey Tough Guy Passes Away

Wally Hucker

Published: 11/27/2015 09:13:06 AM EST in Industry

Brian Cadle, Personable Rep & Former Hockey Tough Guy Passes Away

Like many in the industry, we were saddened to learn of the death of Brian Cadle, late of Eclipse Marketing, a unique individual. "Don't make me come over there," he would say over the phone to his contacts ," playing up his former hockey tough guy image.

Brian "Bones" Cadle had a short pro hockey career with several teams, including the Winnipeg Jets when they joined the WHA (World Hockey Association). Appearing only occasionally on ice, he was a fan favourite. They loved his enjoyment of "unnerving any rival team," as one Winnipeg sports writer put it.

"I retired due to a career ending injury: slivers," quipped Cadle, referring to the amount of time he spent on the bench. Very affable off ice, Cadle is missed by many from Alberta to northwestern Ontario, where he repped ExpressVu, Toshiba, Sharp, and Polk and other brands for many years. He started in 1997 at Armas Agency in Winnipeg, owned by lifelong friend Archie Gagnon, as its Saskatchewan rep.

Within a couple years, Cadle, with Gagnon's encouragement, had started his own company. With Brian Cadle Marketing, he expanded his territory both east and west

For the last decade, based in Regina, he repped for Eclipse Marketing of Vancouver. Cadle had been considering retiring after Sharp, a main line for him, left the market. He finished at Eclipse on March 31.

Cadle died of brain cancer, on November 6th, in Calgary. Cadle was 67.

Memorial services are contemplated for the spring in Regina, and Kellwood, MB, birthplace of Cadle's children, son Bryson, and two daughters Lacey and Meaghan.

Photo: Brian "Bones" Cadle in Winnipeg Jets uniform, circa 1972

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Brian Cadle, Personable Rep & Former Hockey Tough Guy Passes Away

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