Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker is Ultra-Portable

Christine Persaud

Published: 07/18/2016 01:29:54 PM EST in Sound

Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker is Ultra-Portable

Braven Audio has confirmed the availability of its new 105 portable Bluetooth speaker, which is fully waterproof and compact enough to be clipped to a backpack or bicycle.

As part of the Active Series, and first revealed at the 2016 International CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, the 105 is round in shape, and can withstand sweat, rain, mud, dirt, and sand. It comes with an eleastic strap that can secure it to virtually any handle, backpack, or sports accessory. Once charged, it can play tunes continuously for up to eight hours. Using the Action Mount, it can mount to other devices; it's compatible with GoPro accessories.

"The Braven 105 is a speaker that can truly be taken with you anywhere, thanks to a waterproof, palm-sized design with seriously impressive audio," says Andy Fathollahi, CEO of Braven. "The 105's audio quality is unmatched in the category and its price makes it the perfect gift for any person or occasion.""

The Braven 105 portable Bluetooth speaker will be available in Canada later this month through Erikson Consumer for $70. It will come in black, electric, alpine, periwinkle, energy, sunset, and raspberry finishes.

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Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker is Ultra-Portable

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