Bosma Sentry Smart Doorbell Works With Biometrics for the Smart Lock, Fends Off Porch Pirates

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/25/2019 07:30:01 AM EST in Electronics

Bosma Sentry Smart Doorbell Works With Biometrics for the Smart Lock, Fends Off Porch Pirates

Bosma USA Inc. dubs its new Sentry smart doorbell system modular because it has four add-on options that allow different features, plus a fingerprint module for gaining entry into the home.

The Sentry smart modular doorbell system includes a camera and comes in a basic version as a standard smart doorbell that features two-way audio, sound, and motion detection, infrared and colour night vision, the ability to leave voice messages, and AI security features. But you can also choose to add one of the four optional items: a PIR + floodlight module, a fingerprint module that works with the company's smart lock, a gateway module, or a weather sensor module. Sentry's artificial intelligence software offers facial recognition, package detection, and active theft prevention.

You can get instant notifications and enter the live video stream from the app whenever activity occurs. It is hardwired to an existing doorbell system to provide a ring notification both aloud and to a mobile phone to let you know that someone is at the door.

Sentry's basic version will instantly detect motion or sound on a doorstep whether a visitor rings the doorbell or not and will send an alert to the connected smartphone immediately. If local or cloud storage is enabled, Sentry will also record a short video of the event, which can be later played back from the app.

The basic version also includes an AI feature with facial recognition to notify when someone is at the door, allowing easy detection of a stranger. Sentry's package detection sends custom notifications directly to the smartphone whenever a package is dropped off, as long as the package is placed in sight. One of Sentry's more unique features includes the use of heuristics to determine if someone is stealing a package: an automatic trigger can be set-up so a siren goes off, or a voice message alarm can be activated, so it prevents porch pirates from stealing packages.

The PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor only detects motion from heat sources like people and animals so you won't get false motion alarms from a car passing by or other unimportant movements. The LED module, meanwhile, illuminates and identifies the scene being recorded, ideal for nighttime video and recording.

The fingerprint module works as biometric access for the BOSMA Aegis smart door lock, allowing it to be unlocked with a fingerprint rather than a phone. The fingerprint module's smart lock connectivity enables remote unlocking, remote setting changes (including family or guest access permissions) and more.

The internal gateway module works with peripheral sensors that don't have Wi-Fi connectivity, including a door sensor that detects and notifies when a door or window in the home opens, and a simple button that, when pressed, sends a notification and can be used in case of an emergency.

With the weather module, Sentry can also sense, measure, and report temperature and humidity from the home screen of the smartphone app.

The base module dimensions are 2.5" x 1.2" x 3" and the full module dimensions are 2.5" x 1.2" x 5". Sentry is currently offered in black and is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter at a discounted rate for a limited time. One year of service is free, after which a subscription costs $5/mo. or $50/yr.

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Bosma Sentry Smart Doorbell Works With Biometrics for the Smart Lock, Fends Off Porch Pirates

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