BodyGuardz Trainr Pro Case Armband is for Active iPhone Users

Christine Persaud

Published: 05/19/2017 09:41:09 AM EST in Mobile

BodyGuardz Trainr Pro Case Armband is for Active iPhone Users

BodyGuardz's latest iPhone case is the Trainr Pro, which is made from lightweight sport-grip materials, boasts athletic-grade impact protection, and is designed as a "snap-in" armband.

The Trainr Pro is a reflective armband that was designed for even vigorous workout sessions.

"While using Trainr Pro it becomes immediately apparent how useful and fun this product is," says
Ryan Noel, Senior Brand Manager at BodyGuardz. "We've successfully designed an athletic accessory that's capable of adapting to your lifestyle. Whether you're out for a run, hike or simply love to hit the gym, Trainr Pro is a game-changing product that is ready to support you, while fully protecting your phone."

A standalone version of the Trainr case without armband compatibility is also available. Both the Trainr and the Trainr Pro are made from the same soft elastomer material found in fitness wearables, meant to provide comfort and good grip, and prevent accidental drops. The transparent polycarbonate back keeps phone scratch-free, without hiding the colour or design. Shear thickening Unequal pro-athlete technology protects the phone from impact damage.

The Trainr Pro is available for $59, and the Trainr for $49, and options are available to fit the iPhone 6s/7 and 6s Plus/7 Plus. Various colour options include black with gray accents, gray with mint accents, or gray with blue accents. BodyGuardz products are available in Canada through Erikson Consumer.

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BodyGuardz Trainr Pro Case Armband is for Active iPhone Users

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