Austere Power Products Now Available

Christine Persaud

Published: 11/07/2019 08:55:56 AM EST in Vision

Austere Power Products Now Available

Austere, a new design-focused AV accessories brand, has confirmed the availability of its two portfolio of power producsts, the V Series and VII Series.

Both power products come in six- and eight-outlet models and include safety-features and noise elimination. Housed in a sleek design that follows Austere's aDesign principles, which focuses on beautiful, minimalist looks, not only in the products but the packaging as well. The blocks boast classic-brushed housing made of sleek materials and meticulous engineering that make them lightweight, too. Each power block comes with a signature braided WovenArmor power cord made with Kevlar so it has a small bend radius and can fit in tight spaces. The SmartFit outlets are manufactured with precise spacing to provide the necessary room between each outlet so all devices can fit, and customers don't need to skip plugs to fit larger AC adapters.

Pure Filtration is an advanced EMI/RFI technology that insulates the power signal from external disturbances and static "noise," such as a running vacuum cleaner or microwave. This filtration is critical when powering 4K TVs and sound systems, says Austere, to ensure the best video and audio clarity. Additionally, with the Isolated Outlet Filtration, Austere Power products eliminate the possibility of cross-interference between home entertainment components.

Austere's Series V and Series VII Power provide industry-leading surge protection safety, featuring 3,000 and 4,000 Joules, respectively, to absorb all potentially damaging electrical surges and spikes. Austere Power also harnesses fire protection technology with its Flameless MOV circuits and thermal-protected outlets, protecting from home electrical fires. If anything were to happen, Austere's Component Guarantee promises that if Austere Power is responsible for any damage to a plugged-in device, Austere will replace that device regardless of its value.

Austere Power products offer advanced power options to simultaneously power different products. The Austere Omniport USB provides rapid charge and protection for low-voltage devices. Because laptops are now part of many consumer's entertainment systems and lifestyles, there's a fast-charging 45W USB-C PD port that, unlike other power options, can rapid-charge a laptop through a single cable.

"At Austere, we're equally passionate about performance and style and there's a tremendous need in the accessories market, particularly around power, which has lacked innovation," says Deena Ghazarian, Austere Founder and CEO. "While technology has evolved at an amazing rate, power supplies have not. The Austere team worked hard to develop a power product that equips consumers with multiple charging options for the home, housed in a sleek design so consumers don't feel the need to hide it. Before our Power series, these features simply did not exist in a single product."

The V Series Power and Protect 6- and 8-outlet models include dedicated 3K joules surge, flameless MOV protection, overcurrent protection with 15A circuit breaker + LED indicators for power, ground and protected, expansive SmartFit, PureFiltration, aDesign all-aluminum enclosure, Omniport USBs, and WovenArmor power cable, lifetime guarantee, five-year component guarantee. They are available in Canada through Austere's sales agency partner ReSource Group Canada for $170 and $200, respectively.

The VII Series Power and Protect 6- and 8-outlet models ($250, $280) offer dedicated 4K joules surge, flameless MOV protection, overcurrent protection with 15A circuit breaker + LED indicators for power, ground and protected, expansive SmartFit, PureFiltration and isolated outlet filtration, aDesign all-aluminum enclosure, Omniport USBs and w/45W USB-C PD, WovenArmor power cable, lifetime guarantee, and five-year component guarantee.

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Austere Power Products Now Available

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