Amazon Debuts Echo Link, Echo Link Amp in Canada

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/10/2019 01:07:37 PM EST in Sound

Amazon Debuts Echo Link, Echo Link Amp in Canada

Amazon is getting into the hifi streaming game in Canada with two new products, the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp, both of which can connect to your existing stereo system to offer high-fidelity streaming music and Alexa controls.

The devices include multiple audio inputs and outputs, and are compatible with existing audio equipment, allowing users to stream music through speakers that are already part of their home theatre or listening room set-up.

Both include on-device analog, optical, or coaxial output jacks, a subwoofer line-output with adjustable crossover frequency, and a 3.5mm amplified headphone jack. The Echo Link Amp, depicted on the right in the top photo, adds a built-in 60W per channel stereo amplifier.

Because Echo Link and Echo Link Amp do not have microphones, music playback, selection and volume control need to be controlled through the Alexa app. Or, you can connect another Echo device you have at home, like an Echo or Echo Dot smart speaker, to allow for voice control. Say, "Alexa, play my top hits," and music will stream through your hifi speakers.

With Echo Link, you can also add your favorite speakers to a multi-room music group with other Echo devices by commanding "Alexa, play music everywhere."

Echo Link is available for $270, and Echo Link Amp for $400.

Stay tuned for a full review of the devices.

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Amazon Debuts Echo Link, Echo Link Amp in Canada

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