Amazon Business, Business Prime Launches in Canada

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/29/2019 08:54:17 AM EST in Industry

Amazon Business, Business Prime Launches in Canada

Amazon Business and Business Prime have launched in Canada, targeted towards businesses of all sizes, allowing companies to manage procurement needs and purchase supplies.

Selling partners also now have an opportunity to grow their businesses by reaching new customers across nine countries, from small companies to multi-national organizations.

"We're very excited to empower Canadian business customers to simplify their procurement process so they can focus on what's most important to them," says Alexandre Gagnon, Vice President, Amazon Business. "Whether for hospitals, educational institutions, large organizations, government agencies, non-profits, restaurants, research facilities or sole proprietors, Amazon Business is designed to meet unique and complex procurement needs in an experience familiar to anyone who looks to Amazon to find sharp pricing, broad selection and convenient delivery."

Amazon Business allows business customers to quickly discover offers, pricing, and quantity discounts, as well as tax exemption for qualifying purchases. Through Amazon Business, selling partners also benefit from Amazon's e-commerce expertise, gain visibility of their full product catalog on an established online store, and have greater access to business customer decision makers to help grow sales.

Business Prime is an annual membership program designed for Amazon Business customers who want fast, free delivery for all users on their business account, in addition to other benefits that provide convenience, value, analytics and control in the procurement experience.

Amazon Business customers can sign up for an annual Business Prime membership based on the number of users on their business account: (Essentials) $109/yr. for up to three users, (Small) $499/yr. for up to 10 users, (Medium) $1,299/yr. for up to 100 users, and (Enterprise) $10,099/yr. for over 100 users. Customers with qualifying Business Prime plans (Small, Medium and Enterprise) get access to enhanced purchasing policy controls and advanced analytics dashboards.

Guided buying allows account administrators to identify certain suppliers and products as preferred, as well as set specific product categories as restricted, offering their purchasers greater insight into company policies or recommendations. This tool helps businesses reduce rogue spend, improve compliance with internal policies, and consolidate suppliers. Powered by AWS QuickSight, Spend Visibility provides advanced visualizations of company spend in ready-to-present graphics, freeing up the time it takes to download and analyze data and discover spending trends.

Customers can create a single or multi-user business account, invite additional users to join the account, and easily share payment methods and delivery addresses. Business can create approval workflows and access purchasing analytics to enable better spending controls.

Organizations that are eligible for tax-exempt purchasing can easily enroll in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program and make tax-exempt purchases automatically from participating sellers and Amazon by using the ATEP wizard to create a tax-exemption certificate. The Amazon Tax Exemption Program is available with Amazon Business and for eligible customers who purchase with a standard account.

To provide customers with an option to purchase in bulk, selling partners can offer quantity discounts, allowing selling partners to create tiered discounts specific to products for business customers that prefer to purchase in higher volumes. Sellers participating in Amazon's Tax Collection Services have a tax invoice generated on their behalf, which is seamlessly provided to customers in their account.

Business reports provide a focal point for sellers to better understand, manage and grow their business via sales snapshots.

After registering for a free Amazon Business account, eligible business customers can access a free 30-day trial of Business Prime at

Amazon Business is now live in Canada, the U.S., Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India.

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Amazon Business, Business Prime Launches in Canada

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